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how to flow chi energy? when i tried to flow my chi energy after sometime i got headace. and slept whole day.?

and also how to move object with chi energy without touching them? i have tried but i have failed.


  1. use the force Luke! I think you should relax, the guys who do demonstrations moving stuff with telekenesis have been proven to be using strings, pressure, and other tricks. There is some reality to chi, but moving things without touching them (unless you blow really hard!) isn’t real. SRY! =(

  2. I have read a ton of books on Tai Chi, and virtually none of them give too detailed instructions regarding that. There is an exercise in chen tai chi chuan called the Chan Si Ying, or “silk reeling.” You imagine your Dan Tien to be a cocoon of silk, and then, taking a silvery string, you “reel” it around your body. In time you master the flowing of chi around your body, pretty soon you can project it. Problem is, getting it back is a b*tch.
    Myself personally? That stuff borders on supernatural, and while I give credit to the health benefits, all that “no touch” stuff seems like utter nonsense. Yes, chi exists, but if you want to pull Jedi knight stuff with it, you’re in the wrong section buddy…. and the wrong country. Assuming that even modern Chinese will take you seriously; China has a big problem with that, because of Kung Fu movies.
    Let me tell you a story;
    In China, they have the equivalent of Marvel Comics, I don’t know what their name is, but they are very famous for publishing primarily Kung Fu hero stories. Because a 14 year old kid read too many of them, he thought he could stop a bullet train using a “chi” stance he saw in a comic book. The train won.
    Careful with that stuff buddy, and just stick with the health benefits.
    Now, chi WILL, with proper instruction, act as a sort of body armor against knifes, blunt damage, etc, etc, in addition to acting as a sort of shielding that lets you break things without having to condition your hands to the point of them being deformed or calloused. However, to direct chi in such a manner requires intense concentration and that you dedicate your entire life to the training. The Shaolin temple in China enjoys government financial support (even though they run on peanuts) not to mention tourist revenue as the temple is famous. Because of that, the monks there have ample time to dedicate to all things Kung Fu.
    Just do the chi kung or tai chi, meditate a lot, calm down and hope something happens; that’s what I do. Call it taking Lao Tze’s words of “emptyness” a little too seriously with how aimless and simplistic I am in my approach, but I figure, better to be a living simpleton, than a dead retard.
    food for thought.

  3. moving stuff with your mind is rediculous, period!! Now on the other hand, tai chi has great benefits. So does yoga and qi gung. Your chi must be cultivated and that takes years to build to a sufficient level (as stated by my teacher). Chi is used in everyday things. It can also be a positive or negative energy. Fighting would cause your chi to be more negative….for the other person. As I was told,”there is alot to be said about intention”Sifu Mike J. was quoted quoting Grandmaster Carl Spitale.
    Do not listen to these people who poke fun at chi and energy, dan tiens and so on and so forth. They are only used to their billybob John Wayne haymaker punches, and they will claim to know how to fight only because their daddy taught them. Well I am sorry!! I will have to ask them the question “Where did your daddy learn how to fight?”. I am no pro….yet LOL! But I have learned that chi does work, there is practical applications for it and unless it is balanced it will mess you up. Get on a good diet. Eat lots of brown rice along with fish which has lots of protien and omega3 oil which is good for your heart, and lots of fruits and veggies.
    Drink plenty of water no sodas. Avoid processed foods like McDonalds even family resteraunts. Because most of those places put MSG and other seasonings in excess. Use real butter to fry with. it may be a little more fattening but its not processed and butter will not give you a heart attack as quickly as margarine.etc.etc.etc. on and on.
    All this was said to help understand that which i was told. Chi needs a little part of all the things that make your lifestyle, basically meaning a diet. Adiet would even mean the way you carried yourself (postuer), the way you eat, sleep, think, stand, lay, move. When you learn to do even a few of the basic on all these while doing your tai chi and yoga, you will see your chi and yourself becoming more balanced physically, mentally and even emotionally to a degree. And last but not least. Please for your sake dont try to flow chi out without knowing exactly what you are doing. That is why i say just stick with qi gung tai chi and yoga,after which you will know what to do with your chi when you need it. Be careful with the chi thing and good luck on moving stuff with your chi! Because you just never know!!!!!

  4. take 2 aspirin for your head ache
    then go to endor and find master yoda he, there he can teach you the secrets of the force or chi as you like to call it.
    seriously though you are not understanding what chi is. it is not for moving objects. it’s an internal energy that your body produces. you need to find a real martial art instructor not one that will fill your head with that type of crap.


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