how to fine tune telepathy?

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Help my third eye isn’t working.

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*poke* fixed.


You should wipe it clean.

Joe M

Meditate. Also drink green tea with no sugar in it.

Auntie Bubbles

Wrap some foil around your ears and jiggle them a little.


you must focus on your chi and open your mind


you probably need to reallign you chakras, consult the Upanishads and try incorporating more meditation into your daily routine

gregg k

You third-eye looks down upon the cerebellum, the body brain. To fine tune the third-eye, you could start taking 5-HTP because that is what the pineal gland uses to control your mood. You do not produce 5-HTP in the body. Think of the cerebellum as another brain. In fact, it is.
The third-eye is not in the middle of your brain looking out, it is in the rear of the brain looking down to the cerebellum. The third-eye is shut off by light. That’s why you are not sleepy when you are doing something because of the firing in the body brain, but it is the cerebellum that contains all of the sensations of the body except the eyesight and you have so much more sensations that the cerebellum can process and send to your thinking brain, but it cannot. Telepathy is the body’s ability to transfer some added sensations to the thinking part of the brain. Thoughts are energy patterns picked up by the body and the energy is sent down the nerves. The body does is not covered by a skull. Whatever you think travels down the spinal chord into your body and out into the atmosphere. Find some liquid chlorophyll and 5-HTP tablets and follow the directions on taking each thing.

Witchy Mel

Watch this:
It is a visual third eye meditation, specifically designed to open up your third eye and balance it.


Are you on meds at all? That can interfere. So can marijuana actually, though in some people it enhances it.
Get some purple gemstone and do meditations.


Learn about lucid dreaming.And try to reastablish your psychic connections in the dream world which will carry on with you to the real world as well.


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