How to find people who interested to see ghost and investigate?

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Those interested to camp near a grave yard or visit a haunted place or visit a witches or shaman, please write to me, To find out the truth.

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Demon Doll



http://www.Coast to Coast AM,com (last night 10-29-06) had 2 investigators on the show who recorded the voices of ghosts and other spirits. Funny you bring this up because a friend of mine found this old cemetary this past summer that is not too kept up and not really patrolled by anyone. My friend and I will be spending Halloween night there for approx. 3 hrs. or the whole night from 11:00 pm till ? We’ll have plenty of protection as well as a tape recorder with a special microphone. I am strong willed and won’t fall into any spell as I know the secret to it.


Look for books at the book store. Here in Indiana a guy has a 5 books on haunting in mostly the area that I am in. It’s pretty cool. Also try yahoo groups.


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