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How to find out if you are the reincarnation of someone in the past.?

So, ever since I can remember, I have been drawn to particular periods of time and people from those times. I often have dreams of what my research has shown to be 18th century France, particularly masquerade balls, parties,etc. Is there some way to find out who I was in my past life? I have an idea, but I want to be sure. Please no “your going to hell” answers. Thank you in advance.


  1. Unless you have a name of a person or city,it will be near impossible.I know what you are talking about though,it’s like this with me and the Civil War era.

  2. there are past life regression therapists who basically are supposed to put you in an hypnotic trance and take you to past lives. i’ve heard that with some training you can actually pull off self-hypnoses and take yourself back.
    i don’t necessarily believe it, but that what i’ve heard.

  3. If you are serious, then I suggest you find a respectable past-life regressionist (yes, they exist) in your area. They can help you meditate and explore your past lives.

  4. Find a doctor or well know past life facilitator. It may cost money and usually the hypnotist has no control over what life you see.
    Rev. TomCat

  5. No one but you can know who you are in past lifetimes, so be cautious of anybody who claims they can tell you. Almost definitely people like that are either frauds or deluded, or both. You might find someone who can guide you into opening your mind and perceiving what’s there about your past history, but beware of anyone who says yes you were this or no you weren’t that. Only YOU have the truth about you.
    There are a couple of good books on the subject (and don’t let the silly titles put you off):
    Help is also available from http://www.childpastlives.org/
    The best way to explore your past history is to start a journal on the subject. In it, write your feelings in detail. Write down the things that feel familiar to you, no matter how odd or disconnected some of them may be. You might, for example, feel upset – or frightened – or happy – or ? – when you hear church bells, when you smell the scent of lavender, when you see a photograph or painting of a cathedral, when you hear the sound of horses on cobblestone…. Characters in history you are drawn to? Repulsed by? What you’re most afraid of? What scared you as a kid? Think about how you were as a child, events that impressed you in some way, etc. Recurring dreams you had or still have? How you sense you died? All these tiny fragments of feelings are like jigsaw pieces to your past that, when you put them together, might form an outline of your previous life. Meditate, of course. Contemplate your feelings and write about this too. Suggest to yourself that you’ll dream about your past life. Even dreams that seem to be about something else could hold a clue to your past.
    I’d suggest you also read books on reincarnation and involve yourself with people who know reincarnation is real. Some experiences you have could be extremely powerful and emotional, even painful, so, if you can, find a support group or a very good friend you can confide in. The Child Past Lives website has a good moderated discussion board you might want to join.
    Good luck on your journey to discovering You.


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