How to find money to pay for a yoga teacher training certification?

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It’s not that much money, but $2000 is a lot for a poor girl like myself. Are there any scholarships or funds available that can aid somebody like me to be able to get my 200 hour certification to become a yoga instructor? Or any ideas on how I can fundraise the money?

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stu w

The most important lesson you should know, is that you must network. Networking will increase your chances in the business world more than anything else. That being said, you should have a group of about 100 people that you contact regularly (every quarter), once you have a network this good, it will be easier for you to attain any of your goals.
outside the box…
set up a blog and write a letter to everyone you know. If they donate 20 bucks from a link on your blog, you will be closer to your goal. You should be able to get 400 – 1000 bucks that way.
Yardsale – look at what you dont need and list it on craigslist. Assist your parents, friends or neighbors with a garage sale or craigslist. You take a small percentage of the proceeds and you do all the work.
apply for a microloan at, use google to find other sites…
apply to a credit union, build a relationship with the staff, ask for a signature loan of 1k. It will help you build credit and you will be better off for it.
If your credit stinks, then go over to Do the research and build your credit back up.
Contact the yoga school, see if there are jobs that you can do to get some extra cash.
Get a part time job, 15 hours a week at 6 bucks an hour will get you to the school in 3-6 months depending about how well you have done on the above items.
contact your local women’s networking group. Offer a car wash where you and your friends will wash their cars at the meeting location for a small donation.


-mowing lawns
-raking leaves
-weed control
-planting flowers/plants
-shoveling snow
-taking kids off the bus when their parents were home
-getting paid for doing chores
-cleaning other peoples houses
-washing/drying/waxing/vacuuming cars
-washing and drying dogs/cats or any other pets
-baby-sitting pets when people can’t bring dogs
-walking people’s pets
-helping people clean up their attic/basement/garage
-help people make websites or fix computer problems
-type up papers on the computer
-make cooked meals/cookies/cakes for people
-paint peoples houses/walls
-deliver newspapers
-run errands for neighbors
-help younger kids or adults with music/foreign language/math/science/social studies/etc.
-take pictures of pets or kids for a holiday present.

liz t

Everyone needs a little cash, even me!
I found this website it brings me a few bucks.


If you feel that you know enough about yoga you can teach at a local gym or try to find a job to pay for it. Also the training program would have a loan program that you can get. Maybe you could ask your friends and family for some extra cash to help you pay for it. Also some schools do offer scholarships for YTT (yoga teacher training). I wish you the best and there needs to be more yoga teachers


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