How to explain astral projection?

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I have had really lucid dreams and what people say is astral projection. It feels more real than lucid dreams. Is there some kind of explanation for this. I guess I believe in it.

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Watch Your Dreams, Ann Ree Colton
The Masters and Their Retreats, Mark Prophet
Looking into the Invisible, Omraam Aivanhov
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Whether or not something works is a matter of fact, not belief. And the fact is that no one has ever so much as astrally projected themselves into the next room, much less anywhere else. No one ever. There are millions of dollars in prize money for anyone who could. You’re just having dreams. Enjoy them; lucid dreaming is fun.

Donie J

It’s when your astral body escapes your physical body and goes into the astral realm.This can be done by simply having your mind awake before your body.
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astral projection and lucid dreams are not the same. In Lucid dreams,u project your astral body into a higher dimension. In astral projection, u project yourself in2 this dimension, or a borderline dimension between this world and the next higher one.


Imagine the Astral realm as the ocean. Dream is the sandy beach and lucid dreaming is like walking barefoot in the tide.
Lucid dreaming, for most, is the most practical doorway into the astral world and second to that is the best way to become aware of how much control you can have of the circumstances of your life and how you can pursue the depth of the “rabbit hole” on purpose and with better information retention.


Astral Projection is when your SOUL actually detaches itself from your body, allowing YOU to travel different places, by flying–or merely thinking about them.
Proof comes from actually seeing something you didnt know about where you visited, and later finding out it was true.
Most Astral Travelers go places and see things in THIS world, but dont limit yourself.–you can also visit outer space, and spirit worlds, and even go back in time. You can also change how you look, hair color, sex, or even become a monster or skeliton—-fun, but no one can see you, unless they are a psychic.
If you are astaral traveling you will also notice “the silver cord”, an extremely “flexable” “wire” or tether that connects your Soul body to your flesh body (usually at the navel) This is what keeps your flesh body alive and connected to your soul body. When or if THIS breaks then you are “dead”—your flesh body any way, and your soul cannot return to its body. Dont worry about this it wont break. Should something disturb your flesh body on the bed—This cord will SNAP your soul BACK IN, from whereever you were.—its a bit uncomfortable, but further “self–proof” that you were projecting.
People have been doing this for thousands of years. Those who say this doesen’t exist are full of excrement, trying to appear somehow “smart’ or “intellegent”, while all they are doing is repeating what someone else has said.


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