Home Discussion Forum How to eliminate the habit of hurting/troubling others (spiritual answers please)?

How to eliminate the habit of hurting/troubling others (spiritual answers please)?

Before I was awakened spiritually, I would hurt or trouble others (verbally, physically at times). It would usually be my brother. Due to the long years of this dangerous practice, I have developed a strong habit of hurting others. In addition, I am having trouble eliminating this habit. I would be grateful if someone gave me practical tips or ideas on how I can eliminate this obstacle on my spiritual path.


  1. If you have a bad Habit that you want to stop,think before you say something mean and hurtful. Think about how it would make you feel if someone said or did something to you. And remember there will be a price to pay for the years of abuse you inflicted one others. They may not be willing to forgive and forget. And will take time to trust you again if ever.

  2. practice kindness and this habit will help you overcome that other habit and look to Jesus the author of our faith who also was mocked, scorned and ridiculed.

  3. the bible is clear that the only thing that counts in god eyes is faith expressing itself through love, anything els is wood hay and stuble, in corinthians the love chapter it helps to read that more than we like,this kinda shows us that only christ can pull this off abide in him he is the vine we are the branches we get to bear the fruit but only christ can produce it,how are we doing in the love department today!


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