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How to dress like a scary witch?

I need ideas for scary witches. Ones that would literally scare people. One idea was really pale makeup with dark eyeliner and makeup.

Also warts obviously. Lil bit of fake blood.
Don’t give me cheesy ideas like a wig and a witch hat or broom.

What would a scary witch wear?
Thanks! 🙂


  • The trick is the details. You need very good details.

    – Use long, yellowed fake fingernails. Better yet, also use makeup on your hands that makes them warty and dirty looking.
    – Use makeup tricks to make your teeth look subtly worse. Don’t over do this.
    – Your costuming can look old fashioned or modern, in fact a modern witch could work well. It really depends on what you have available. If you do old fashioned, then a Victorian look is a good choice. If you go with a modern look then consider looking more like a homeless lady, a crazy cat lady, or maybe a hoarder. Hoarding is a weird OCD problem that is getting a lot of media attention right now, and it would be easy to pull off. You’d want a bag full of something like newspapers and used coffee cups.

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