How to do yoga? To get flexible? Or any other way to get flexible?

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I want/kind of need to be flexible.
So what type of yoga do you recommend? Or what else do you recommend that can help me become flexible?
Something where I probably won’t need someone to spot me? I already have a big mirror to see what I’m doing. And I can also just feel what I’m doing.
So please help!!

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mike b

You could enrol in a yoga class or get a self help programme, if you are on the net you can find lots of info on the web sites.


Basically to stretch you legs out to be more flexible that way sit on your booty, and move you legs apart. Sit there for as long as you are comfortable. 🙂 as the nights go on turn you legs out more and more. Thats one way to get more flexible 🙂

Dances with Buddha

Hatha yoga (the practice of physical postures called ‘asanas’ in Sanskrit) is great, and has many benefits far beyond increasing flexibility, however…
If flexibility is all you are interested in, why bother with extra stuff you are not interested in?
Get a hold of a copy of the classic book, “Stretching,” by Bob Anderson:
Buy it new, used, or see if your public library has a copy.


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