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How to do protect yourself from a negative energy that comes from other person?

Hi, I’m afraid that I a stranger that I met on a chat might send a negatibe energy to me because we were talking about religion and our opinions were contradictory. And some things that I think that are right he perceive as wrong.


  1. peace be with you believe in god by your means! if you need to be right all the time, you learn nothing! be at peace my friend! be calm and hear, put your blinders on and see!
    be at peace my friend!

  2. @:”How to do protect yourself from a negative energy that comes from other person?”
    There is only a few things that I agree with Paul on.
    He said, ‘Try to get alone with others IF IT’S POSSIBLE….ROMANS 12:18.
    Most of the time we will meet unequally yoked people….not just for marriage; friendships also.

  3. In order to counteract the negative energy that is known as logic, the most effective method would be to light a panda fart on fire. How to get a panda fart and trap it in an efficient way so you can bring it back to your room is a very complicated process. Alternatively, you could buy my book that shows you how to do that. It covers everything from vaccum sealed gas chambers to foods that don’t agree with the Panda’s digestive system. You can order it at my website http://www.whyareyousogoddamnstupid.org
    Best of luck!

  4. Wow if you can’t stand people of different opinions.
    Anyhow best if you feel that a situation is turning badly is to put yourself away from said situation. If not possible make clear the limits you are setting right there. Respectful limits of course so if you feel that a certain topic is well.. you don’t feel it fitting to be talked about you could ask for it to be dropped. If such doesn’t happens and really you are not always in control you leave.
    Yet remember Exposure to other ideas and people is a good thing just remember not always ones are there with good desires. There are dark things out there like Pat Robertson for instance..don’t like that smile fool you.


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