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How to do away with in home negative energy?

It’s my grandmother-we share the same room actually- who is always sad and vexed, murmuring and cursing. I’ve heard that people become somewhat capricious and strange as they grow old but how can I prevent it from interferring with my peace of mind and happiness-I seem to be unable to enjoy my happiness on a hundred per cent ever since the first symptoms occured.


  1. I know you don’t mean this in any sort of selfish way, it doesn’t sound selfish, so please don’t think my answer is meant to imply that it is – it’s a very valid concern, but there are other things you might want to also consider.
    That said, try to remember that however hard it may be for you, it’s got to be even harder for her – even if she can’t always recall from one moment to the next just how confused she seems to be all the time, it’s certainly got to be grating on parts of her and in some ways is probably making her feel like “baggage”. Don’t give up your entire life for it, but I’d try to devote some time – if she’s able to hold any degree of conversation with you – to sitting down and having a chat with her from time to time. Ask her about her childhood, ask her about her family and what it was like for her raising her own children when she was just starting out. It may all be stuff you already know, stories you’ve heard a million times before, but it will make her feel better, and at some time down the road, you’ll feel really good about having shown her that kind of consideration. There were people in my life I didn’t show that kind of consideration to – they’re gone now, and I always will regret it.
    But like I said, you’re young, you do have needs of your own and your life doesn’t end just because she’s getting older. While I’d make some time for her as suggested above – maybe an hour or even just 1/2 hour every day if possible – I’d also be sure you make time for yourself. It’s a balance, but it’s well worth trying to reach & maintain it.
    Good luck. :-()

  2. make sure u r surrounded by positive energy……..
    a few simple suggestions
    1) play soft lively music in yr room………………..it adds to +ve vibes
    2) Burn an incense stick, if u can get one ………..at least one every day
    3) Close yr eyes and think of the god or whoever you believe in and invite him to be in yr presence (quietly in the mind is fine)…………………………………ask him to help support and help all in your room,family and surrounding……………………..healthwise,mindwise etc
    and slowly imagine u are growing silent………at the end of 5 minutes relax on yr bed and sleep………

  3. you need to switch her off sometimes, and focus on a form of cognitive thinking.which means any negative thoughts you may have, you try to think of good things instead.stay focused on yourself for a while and concentrate on your own peace of mind.i hope this is useful for you.and i wish the problem improves soon.

  4. Stop judging the poor woman talk to her and see if there is something you can do to make her life easier. She will respond I bet to love and attention instead of contempt.


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