Home Discussion Forum How to do Astral Traveling?

How to do Astral Traveling?

Can someone give me some information about Astral Traveling.
I want to do this, how can I do it?
Thank you.


  1. Astral Travel – Telepathy and Dream Control
    Since most of the astral travel happens at night we need every resource from our … if you cannot remember details of your astral travel after you come back. …
    http://www.thiaoouba.com/astr.htm – Cached
    Astral Travel
    Astral Travel is possible and is easy. Gnosis gives you this … the following techniques to travel consciously in astral body. … sudden astral travel. …
    http://www.anael.org/english/astral – Cached

  2. What you are thinking about doing is very dangerous. You are delving into things the Bible says to stay away from. There is a chance when you leave your body, that an unclean spirit may claim it. I was told by a girl that was messing with this that she left her body and could not get back. She cried to God to save her and he did. She thought she was going to die. She never did it again and turned to Jesus Christ. Please don’t do this, you are dealing with something very dangerous.


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