how to do a subliminal message?

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How do i do it i mean i have one that pops on my screen put i don’t know if it is really work help?

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roxanne t

i dont know

alfo oso

Subliminal message its recieved by your brain in a way that you dont see it in first plane or dont hear it in the music. givin that info. the way to do a subliminal message is using icones. let me gibe you an example: hir you habe a singer doing a video and its singing a song about healty fod but behind him its a group of kids drinking soda and they smile and show joy drinking the soda thats the first subliminal message, but then in the song there you habe a two girls doing the second boice singing i want soda. there you habe a subliminal message


if you have noticed it, it’s not subliminal.


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