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How to develop your psychic skills?

I am a strong believer in ESP, I have been working on telepathy based on some of the books I have read. I do mental relaxation exercises that are supposed to allow you to choose what happens in hte future through visualization and by contacting others through mind power. However – no matter how many times I try to send “little voice in the head” or “intuitive” messages to others – but it never works! What should I do, or what am I doing wrong?


  1. first you have to let go! you are holding on to what has been bothering you lately, just forget her man! she is not right, you are, just move on and let it go man!

  2. Keep doing what you are doing, reading and getting information. Meditation helps a lot. Also, get a book on how to remember your dreams, that helps a lot. (There is a chapter in the book AWAKENING YOUR PSYCHIC POWERS by Henry Reed, Phd. that is perfect for that.)

  3. Hello
    Telepathy is something that works via an emotional link, so not something that can be forced. I know many psychics – non are prone to Telepathy in a usable manner.
    Visualisation exercises are for positive thinking & creation, nothing to do with psychic development of your natural abilities.
    Meditation is a good start for your development as is finding a tool such as tarot to focus your mind.

  4. you have to learn to crawl before you walk and learn to walk before you run, it takes a long time and sometimes it feels like Taking two steps forward for every one step back. Shifting the importance of projects and priorities to keep everything on track. A change in occupation or location


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