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How to develop GOD-CONSCIOUSNESS ?


  1. Each of us is a creation of the Divine Universal Spirit. We are connected to it, part of it and it lives within us. I believe we all have a higher self, what some call the God Self; what I prefer to call the Divine Self. It’s that part of you that works on becoming an enlightened spiritual being. Many people hold their spiritual being separate or at a higher level than their physical being. From one perspective this maybe an accurate view. But we are still physical incarnated beings and a part of your physical being also needs to be present and cared for in a spiritual way to work toward achieving enlightenment in this lifetime. In other words, we are physical beings with a soul and we must learn to think from a perspective of both aspects or we run the risk ignoring an important part of who we are.
    There’s a great article that talks about this that you might be interested in. It explains the importance of your actions, thoughts and personal connection to the Divine force in your life and how these things relate to your personal growth and spiritual accountability.
    Meditation, Energy & Action: Walking Your Talk @ http://springshaven.com/articles/m-e-a.shtml
    Hope that helps some how.
    Many Blessings.


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