• Yes, we have MUCH more capacity than we actually use. How to use more? The real answer is LEARNING. More experience, more facts, more knowledge, more wisdom, more mental skills, more physical skills…you could go on a learning binge today and not stop until you’re 90 and you’d still not use most of your brain capacity. This is how we develop our mental abilities.

    By the way, telepathy isn’t one of them. This is a fantasy concept promoted by fiction writiers and charlatans that prey on gullible people. The closest thing we can do is called INTUITION, which is a real human capability. Intuition is the willingness to listen to what our right brain is telling us about the world…associations and memories regarding images, feelings, desires, values…nonlogical connections that tell us important things about our world…a way of knowing that we can’t explain logically. For example, the feeling that you know someone you spot in a crowded airport, introduce yourself and find it that it really is that person from the past. How did you know? Your brain is capable of learning this kind of thing and alerting you…intuition.

  • Not sure how much of the brain we really use, but, know that telepathy is just something you are born with, or happens to you to someone very close to you. I experienced it with my mother. We could communicate with one another just looking at each other, it used to drive my brothers’ nuts. She’s passed now, and I miss her so much, but, she came back when I was in a car accident, and had this accident a year to the day we buried her, and couldn’t understand why she hadn’t told me good-bye…turns out she was waiting for me while I was in a coma over two months, the doctors had given up, wanted to un-plug the machines, but, my brother wouldn’t accept it, and let them do it. I even worked for a doctor at the time, and he said there was no way I could live…well, while in the coma, and remember all of it now, so people do understand when they are comas, but, she came to me and was there beside me, waiting, not saying a word, just there…and all I could think about was my children growing up without me, and I think she saved the good-bye to bring me back to them. Now, it’s so weird…but, I can tell when something happens to my children and they need me. They freak out that I know things, and can tell before it happens and when it happens, it’s even freaked their grandparents and dad, whom don’t like me, but, they were with them, and one of them got hurt, they were far away in another town, and I kept telling everyone that something was wronge with one of them, they are twins…I kept calling and calling their dad and folks and sister and such and finally got their dad’s wife, and she said I was crazy, and hung the phone up. I finally got in touch with their dad’s brother-in-law, and said, it’s fine, she’s going to be okay, and I said, what happened, and said, you don’t know, I said, no, noone would tell me anything or answer me, and I hadn’t talked to him in years and years, and they even had an unlisted phone no. he’s a judge/attorney, and said, well, one is at the hospital, it was a freak accident, ect…but, I called the hospital, and then his wife, their Aunt freaked out how did I know…they were all trying to hide it from me, so I wouldn’t sue or something, because it did happen on the Judges land, a 4-wheeler accident, and they were not going to tell me, and the kids were so young, and it would have eventually came out, because she developed a hernia from it, and had to have surgery for it years later…so, I have been told by my mother’s sister, after she was gone, that it runs in their side of the family, she never knew I had the ability, and I never told anyone because I was scared they would think I was crazy…and when she told me my grandmother had it, her son, my cousin, ect….it made me feel better, as my dad was a minister, and he has been gone for many, many years now, but, growing up in the church, and then when I was older and he was gone, the church would say that things like that were the devil talking…needless to say, I never thought that…and I don’t attend that church anymore…but, it’s just something that I have always had, even as a child, for as long as I can remember, and the earliest years I remember were 3, so, not sure if you are born with it, or can learn it…I did, learn after the coma, I loved to dream after it, and can now tap into my dreams when I need an answer to something…and a counselor told me that was normal, that everyone had that ability, they just don’t learn how to do it, and I had learned it….I can also go into a dream, and if I like the dream wake up and then go back to where I left off and finish it…so, not sure the correct thing to say…as, when I was in the coma, I was supposed to be retarded literally but, didn’t lose one bit of my intelligence, and no, I am not crazy. Hope you find the right answer.

  • I would use telepathy, but it’s not moral/ethical to dig into anyone’s brain, unless they let you. Besides, we’re so closeminded as a human race that no one will believe you. About the 10%… who knows! What if it’s 20%? They have been cheating us out of 90% of our brains! Oh my God! Maybe they want you to believe we’re so out of control [by telling us about only using 10%] so that you’d think it would be useless to try telepathy. They’re afraid…

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