How to decide between Martial Arts.?

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Hi, I’m 16 and I’m not in that great shape. I would love to get into shape and I think one great way would be with the martial arts. Certainly, I intend to do a mixture of both internal and external martial arts. I cannot decide between the following: Hung Gar, Kung Fu, Karate Do, Tai Chi, Qigong, Ju Jitsu, Judo and Kendo. I have to limit it to three. Also, if anyone can suggest exercises that can get me into shape, as well as a diet?
I have been doing Tai Chi actually for three years and have enjoyed it tremendously.

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Andy W

Stay away from kendo if you want to get into shape. It’s not really an exercise-oriented martial art. Otherwise, all of the ones you named are good (though I dunno about Tai Chi, especially if it’s the kind that old people do in the mornings).
Thing is, martial arts won’t get you into shape as quickly and efficiently as dedicated physical training routines. You trade off learning new skills for rapid fitness improvement.
There are plenty of fitness websites that offer thousands of training schedules and diets. Take your pick.


most likely ull be limited to the martial arts taught near where u live. Look into those to see ur options

dmja 45

Tai Chi is good,doesn’t matter which one it is.Jujitsu is a good one,Aikido is also good.Krav Maga.

Dennis C

wrestling for getting in shape, wrestlers are some of the best conditioned guys on the planet
You are looking at MA in the wrong context, you will not go to Judo lessons 3 nights a week and suddenly have the body of GSP.
Judo is a very active sport with alot of full body muscle use and alot of explosive moves, plus you interact with other students alot more earlier in your studies then you would with other fMA styles that are more based on forms, dont know where you live, and what is available, but MT boxing, kick boxing, and even systems like Miletich fighting system (as it incorporates alot including wrestling and they do cardio work and he has opened a few more gyms outside of Bettendorf Iowa) would be better for just getting in shape
Low carb high fiber and protien
Plyometrics and cardio and resistance cardio


Kendo isn’t so much exercise. However you can get in shape by studying just about any art. There are several different “types”: fighting, dancing, and a mix.
Kung Fu isn’t really a fighting art, they are more of a dancing style. That does not mean, however, that they aren’t in amazing shape (because they are).
Tai Chi also isn’t a fighting art, it’s more about movement and you know all that since you’ve been doing it.
Jujitsu is a fighting art, a lot of takedowns, joint locks, and often pressure points.
Judo is a somewhat fighting martial art, it’s like a sporty version of Jujitsu.
Karate is a fighting art, mostly stand up, some (but not many) takedowns, joint locks, and pressure points.
Tai Kwon Do is like a Korean version of Karate.
This is considering that all of these are traditional schools. Be careful of mcdojos.
I would not suggest studying 3, do only one so that you can have a core, then after having done it for a while you can move on to a different one to “accent” or “reinforce” your core style.
In terms of the best shape, the traditional Kung Fu guys and the traditional Karate (Like Shotokan or Kyokushin) are probably the best overall simply because of how the art works and their culture (but the shape someone is in is not because of the art, it is because of the artist.. however most of these guys are superb artists).
In terms of fighting it’s the same, art doesn’t make a fighter, the fighter makes himself. But as to which art I’ve seen that has the best: Probably Jujitsu and Kyokushin.
As to sporty arts, TKD is a good one, Kung Fu can be if you want a less competitive one (remember that their training is tough as heck though).
Riding your bike is a great way to get in shape, also running. Walking as much as you can and just overall moving and not sitting still are key. I personally don’t believe much is certain diets, all you need to worry about is burning more calories than you’re taking in. Make smart choices, not too much of anything, things that aren’t as fatty or sugary, and not any snacks and such. Fruits and veggies, meat is not a bad thing, it’s the fat on many meats that isn’t so good.
Good luck, hope this helped.

peter gunn

just check out what is available in your area and see what you like
if you like doing it you’ll stick with it that’s a fundamental truth for most arts
most classes will allow you a free trial lesson or at least one at discounted price. just try a few things and pick whatever best tickles your fancy

el dudarino

i agree with the guy who recomended wrestling. but of what you have mention jujitsu or judo would be good. they offer similar workouts to wrestling. for your upper body the easiest and best thing ive found is the perfect push up, its help me increase my upperbody strength alot and increases punching power, best investment i ever made


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