How to Deal with an Overactive Mind

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Do you constantly find yourself lying awake on your bed late at night, drowning in a sea of thoughts? Too often, we become victims to an overactive mind. It is easy to get lost in our own thoughts most especially with the demands of daily life. Let’s face it. We have a lot to deal with. We have our families, careers or education, social life and other aspects of our lives that command our attention.

Contemplating on what’s going on in our lives can be healthy. Analyzing what we can do to improve the quality of our living is also vital. However, there are times when we start thinking too much and we should avoid such from happening. An overactive mind can have a drastic effect on our overall well-being and even in our relationships with other people. Likewise, if we refer to the Law of Attraction, having chaotic thoughts will also attract chaotic situations to come into our lives.

When we are thinking too much, we experience an influx of infinite thoughts. However, not all of these thoughts are relevant. Most of them are actually just clutter. To calm our overactive mind, we should learn to filter our thoughts. First, we should be able to prioritize. Is this thought really as important as I think it is? Is it significant to solving my dilemma? When we are able to select what is important, we need to let go of the trivial ones and not to entertain them again if ever they come into our minds again. Secondly, we should organize our thoughts. This proves useful most especially if we are over thinking about our tasks. What task should be done first? What’s the first step that I should take to accomplish this task? What do I do next after I accomplish that step? We should take it one by one and not all at one time. Our thoughts can be overwhelming but if we learn to simplify our thoughts, we will be able to overcome an overactive mind.

Practicing meditation is also helpful when dealing with an overactive mind. Meditation teaches us to relax and channel our energies effectively. Through certain kinds of meditation, we can also receive the proper guidance that we need in dealing with our challenges or in making a decision instead of battling through a wave of tumultuous thoughts. The constant practice of meditation will also allow us to develop a higher level of conscious and certain positive characteristics that can aide in combating an overactive mind.

We tend to be easily influenced by media and other people and when we let external factors get a hold of us, we begin to doubt and debate our own thoughts. This leads to an overactive mind that is full of contradiction and sometimes, contention. We should learn to free ourselves from outside influence. We should learn to listen only to our own voice if we want to maintain inner peace in our minds. There are some people who can offer us wise counsel and also forms of media that can help but we must be sensible in choosing what we allow in our system. We should only choose the ones that has a positive effect on us.

Our physical health can also cause an overactive mind. Getting regular exercise and avoiding the intake of certain food and substances can help prevent us from thinking too much. It is wise to avoid sugar and caffeine as scientific studies have discovered that an increase in our sugar and caffeine levels triggers unusual cognitive activity. Likewise, alcohol intake is a big no-no when we are suffering from an overactive mind. Some prefer to drink when they are thinking too much without realizing that they are actually worsening their condition.

Most importantly, developing a healthy mindset is the key to fighting an overactive mind. We should cultivate healthy and positive thoughts in our mind so the chaotic ones cannot take over. Firstly, it helps to develop a mindset that doesn’t care about the expectations of others. It is unhealthy to constantly please people and their expectations from us. Often we find ourselves doing something that we dislike just to conform to these expectations. We should learn to kick that habit now. Likewise, we should also accept that we cannot control everything. We should realize that there are forces and circumstances that surround us that we are powerless over and that the only thing that we can control in this world are ourselves and our reaction to them. Lastly, it helps to stay focused on the present. Preparing of the future is a wise decision but preparing is different from worrying! If we find ourselves worrying about what will happen in the future, we should learn to set our thoughts aside. Learn to live in the present and concentrate on only what you can do now.

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