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My GF is 22 years old, she is very spiritual and down to earth,
gives kundalini yoga classes, lived in India for a year, and was booted off her sikh school for doing cannabis. This is not once in a while, but a near every day situation for her. She’s been home for a year and it’s been an off and on problem, where recently she’s voiced her desire to quit for good, however has serious emotional ups and downs. She is seeing a therapist as well as undergoing a holistic medicine withdrawal treatment, but she keeps doing it. I don’t do drugs, never have, never will, and this has become a block in our relationship. I don’t know the right way to approach her problem, because I don’t want to “tell her what to do”, but I can’t have her doing this to herself or affecting those she loves, including me, by her actions. I really don’t know what to do. Any feedback could be of great assistance. Thanks, all.


  1. I don’t understand your plight. Your question is full of contradictions. First you call her your girlfriend, then you say that you don’t know how to tell her or rather you don’t want to tell her what to do.
    I don’t know if you are older or younger, but it seems that you are not mature enough to be in a relationship. The facts are clear. Show her this answer. Drugs are for losers. If she wants to screw up her life, then you have no control over that. It is hers. However if she loves you, then she needs to know that you are definitely oppose to drug use and if she is to have a future with you, then drugs have to go. (BTW-stop having sex with her if you are so that you won’t bring any children in this mess.)
    Ask yourself, is this the person that I want to build my future with. She needs some alone time to sort out the why’s of what she is doing. Give her the space. if you love her, you will tell her the truth. Let her go. If she is to be in your future, she’ll appreciate you for being a man and standing up for your values. Take another shot of testoterone and be a man.
    Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you have to be abused by them.
    In regards to the spiritual aspect of her life, she’s dealing with the wrong spirits.

  2. yes my friend you do have a problem .the best thing i can tell you is stand by her in her hour of real need she nerds all the support she can get rite now.and what ever you do try not to even talk about the stuff .with drawl from any thing is a real hard thing to do and take a lot of will power to do and if you love you as much as you say and i think you do she really needs you now .please stand by her 100%you will be glad you did in the end and you will be showing her how much you really care.god bless and good luck.(blue hawk)

  3. Most of the people I know smoke cannabis, it really isn`t that big a deal. The people I know who smoke it are not evil, mixed up, or anything. Cannabis is really quite a mild drug, and probably only a little bit more dangerous than tobacco. If it was heroin or cocaine I could understand, but heck nearly everyone seems to do cannabis these days. The only reason I don`t is because I don`t smoke.

  4. i think you should move on as this is something she needs to do for her slef and change is something she has to be willing to do on her own,your still young and i dont feel she is your one true love definately not your soal mate

  5. The desire to quit is one thing but having the guts and the will is totally something different. I have dealt with a sister in law for over 19 years with a major drug problem and she too has the desire but that’s it. Tough Love is one way of dealing with it. I know its may sound harsh but your GF is only 22 years old with a whole life in front of her so if she can see what she will miss and how hard it is on friends family and love ones maybe just maybe she will have the guts and the will to make that hard choice of getting off the drugs. This does effect you as well and you too will have to make some choices. Its not an easy road but it is a road that can be traveled. I will say this much this is a Choice not a Disease and she needs to be responsible.

  6. hey there this may not be the answer you are looking for but here it is ITS ONLY WEED!!! this is not a drug problem anymore than someone who come home at the end a hard day at work and downs a budwiser…..grow up and deal with it……cannibus…hah

  7. thats funny cuz i have this same problem w/ my gf and we got into a major argument about it last night. she says she needs to do it cuz it makes her feel good. this is everyday twice a day. (by the way she suffers from depression but is on meds). i just had to give her an ultimatum. its either me or the weed. sorry

  8. I know EXACTLY how you feel….the best thing to do is tolet her fall hard. That is the ONLy wasy she willg et help. If you keep loving her the way you do she will always feel safe and have no worries.
    ….tough LOVE… the only way….I tried all the others for 8 years….

  9. well give her more motivation to quit, tell her you can’t deal with it anymore and if she don’t get it together over the drug thing soon you are gonna have to move on for your own sanity. I have a friend like that. She spends 20$ a day on her pot smoking and I say something to her all the time and she says all the time she is gonna quit but she never does.

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