How to deal the cirsis in my life ?

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I started off my research career in a reputed Institute after my Post graduation. I struggled but no success. I was terminated from the Institute. I joined as an Officer in a Government Organization. My career was somewhat progressing with snail pace without due acknowledgement. I developed my working environment and my subordinate very well. But I got delayed promotion. Now I underwent a debacle on the financial status. Though I am working as a respectable Officer my financial status is pathetic. I run into lot of debts and I don’t know How to set right. I resorted some spiritual healing spending lot of money. but no returns. I am still deep and deep into crisis. I heard people in my situation committ suicide. But I can’t dare do that also. Any advice please.

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WHEN YOU FIND OUT LET ME KNOW!welcome to middle class life!

sandeep k

Dear Commiting suicide is rediculous. You should be calm and quite. The problems have their solutions in itself. Wait and Watch. You need not to think of cowardly of committing suicide. That way you will create problems for others. Be brave and face the life.
I am sure you will get the success.
Had I been near I would give you a deep hugh with my bare brea*** and kiss on your lips so that you would forget about any worry.

Warren D

You have sense enough and fear enough to avoid suicide.
Work through it. If you are religious, pray for guidance and help. Have faith and don’t give up. You will survive and eventually prosper.
I have faith in you.


Remember there’re always people in worse situations that would love to be in your shoes. Not only that spiritual healing shouldn’t cost anything or very little — all the good things in life never cost much!! And we both know the suicide thing is never an answer — you just need support no matter where you can find it — never be too proud to find it in anyone or anything!

Lesley M

My husband and I resolved this issue and learned alot from it. We struggled for years to make ends meet. Our credit was in the tubes, we were always late on bills, and payday was never any fun at all. We had four kids, and we were very concerned about how little we had to offer them. Then one day, my husband saw a house for sale, and decided he wanted that, enough to do anything to get it. So we worked together to write out a very tight budget, and then got second jobs for extra income. We used the extra to pay off old debts, and to pay more than the minimum on our credit cards. It took a lot of work, and for a couple of years we did nothing for recreation that cost even a dime. Eventually everything was paid for, and we had good credit. We just had to resign ourselves to the fact that there is no easy way out. Now we own our home-not the one he saw, but it’s just as nice. Good luck!


Only God can help you not worry over things like this. I know you need money to live, but come on people would love to be like you having education and job skills. Don’t be so petty. Some people are worried what they are going to eat since they have No food. There’s bigger problems. Change your career do something that makes you happy to get up in the morning, it won’t matter what you make.


I am confused, spent money on spiritual healing? or is that just shopping?? that i can relate..
suicide isn’t an alternative to facing your problems.. i know..
financial problems are usually an outcome of the internal problems we won’t deal with we need to. Even a Bankruptcy is a temporary resolve, if you don’t learn why you got yourself in such a state of affairs.
what is your passion in life? what makes you feel good about yourself.. that is where often one can find real peace and purpose about life and self.. do you like to volunteer? that is a good thing, helping others who are in need.
list your needs and wants and dreams on paper.. ask yourself what goals in life do you really want to reach.. and where in life.. spiritual, financial etc. and is it a need, want or dream..
write out an action plan , then go for it.. goal setting gets us on track and we recognize purpose for our doing things.
Crisis is often a unplanned and purposeless lifestyle.. that doesn’t mean challenges don’t come along the way, to face ..oh, they do.. i have had many.. but, the road is straight and narrow with commitment and desires to succeed.. You can make it . look at all you have done already in life, your just beginning.. cut up the credit cards, get a budget going, call your creditors and work out a plan, cut back to the basics and get a savings account going..and, then find one thing a month that would really be important to look forward to and do that, go to movies.., buy a bouquet of flowers, a book.. that is your reward for staying on track.. no cheating!.. good luck..

Plain and Simple

Debt is discouraging and makes all your other problems feel worse.
People who know say a good thing to do is start by paying off your littler debts. Say you owe $10000 and $4000 and $1000 and $500. Make your regular payments, cut out any luxuries, eat and dress cheaply and pay off that $500 loan. Suddenly the money you normally were using on it will be available to help pay off the next highest so you can get it cleared out sooner. You will see that your accomplishing something and that will help you feel better and more successful.
When people make big salaries, they also do big spending, a lot of it to impress people, so in the end they may end up with little.
You get wealthy by not owing, then you can save up and when you really want something (a house, a business) you’ll have money to do it!


Thank you for asking this question and I am so honor. Here is my advice and I urge you to analyze your situation at this point very careful. First go through your salary,how much you make and then subtract your expenses and see how much you are behind and see what you will do next.Now you have to look closely to your budget how to cut and how to earn more money from second job. You also can borrow through the 0% for one year and balance transfer like credit card as such Ci ti Bank,discover and Chase. At the same time, You also can get points for free stuff. However,if you run out of money and you have more debt I urge you deal with the middle man Non profit to negotiate your deal with creditors and do not feel guilty about it. You are in crisis and you need help. You have to seek help in a healthy way and go to some one who will get you out of debt. Commit suicide is not the practical solution and I really advice you to take a deep breath and move slowly.Life is a puzzle and you have to live by minutes and hour. Do not blame too much. Try to clam down and have a big plan to get out of debt. Strong mind will get you trough and remember. Every question always has an answer. You have to make the choice that best for you. Do not look back at your past or search you soul. Nothing wrong and life goes on.


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