HomeDiscussion Forumhow to create or open all chakra gates?

how to create or open all chakra gates?

how to create or open all chakra gates? if any one have any experiance feel what can we do with the chakra,please guide me in an easy way to create chakra


  1. Do you need a chakra combination? Or chakra key?
    Maybe the IMF (Impossible Mission Foundation) could help you out with this.

  2. To obtain this you need to meditate, and get very good at it, with time you will start opening gates to your inner chakra, it needs time patience and alot of will power. Its a balance of your mind and soul.
    Good luck.xx

  3. Narrow is the path to chakraliciousness!
    Eh, lighten up, ya negative nincompoop. Down vote, indeed. You probably haven’t even TRIED anything chakralicious.

  4. Chakras are the seven “energy” centers that most types of Yoga label as a tier from lowest to highest.
    The only way to “open” chakras is with correct teaching and practice of one of the Yoga disciplines. It requires years or decades of gradual practice. Finding a true teacher that knows what he is teaching is difficult, though there are many pretenders.
    You can greatly harm yourself by trying to force results. It requires both mental and physical “work” – not only meditation, but learning the reasoning and the rightly chosen physical yoga postures to start from your individual needs.
    Here is a link showing the chakras and names of them in anatomical diagram:

  5. Your Chakras are already there. They don’t need to be created. We all have them. They tend to open on their own but though meditation you can learn to control them. I have found three sites that will help you learn about chakras and lead you to meditate and work with them. Good luck on your journey! Bye.


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