Home Discussion Forum how to control the working of our subconscious minds?

how to control the working of our subconscious minds?

we want to be calm. We want to be good. However, sometimes even when we do not like that, our subconscious mind burst in anger? Why this is happening and how can we solve that to avoid unpleasant and hard situations and to be sure that we will be always positive beings?


  1. The subconscious mind is an invention of Freud. Our minds are fully controllable yet we choose to be angry. The root of our anger is pride.

  2. meditate on the positive aspects of the world, and of yourself……you can always find the bad in anything if you look hard enough, look for the good in your self and believe in it……try to calm your mind and think carefully before you speak…..

  3. The mind is the most powerful and we possess its powers. In meditation, Zen, etc., proves we can change our personalities, characters, thoughts, emotions, etc. Concentration/ focus is recipe of all.

  4. 1st of all its hard to stay positive,especially with what is happening in the world,and if you do not know how to block yourself from people filled with negativity,anger,hatred,there emotions can penetrate your aura sort of like catching a cold if they r coughing and sneezing all over you.(i imagine myself n loved ones in a white light bubble everyday) and this bubble works as a shield to block it out.Bursting into a rage can become a habit also after a while especially if your parents were short fused, so if you have been bursting out in fits of anger for a long time you must expect to try to get this under control could take time to train yourself to find other ways of dealing with situation when they arise.Like if you are starting to feel yourself getting annoyed walk away if you can and calm yourself down through deep breathing and if you do happen to burst out in anger dont punish yourself to much just try harder next time,but i advise you to tape yourself and if you happen to catch yourself bursting into a fit of anger watch it,im sure you will be embarassed of the hurtful things we say when angry and try find lots of ways to avoid it from happening. Meditation or even just laying for 20 minutes a day just breathing and keeping your mind still will help heaps if you can find time to practice this a few times a day even better,and i also imagine white light entering through the top of my head and washing all the black away i see as the anger or negativity untill my whole body is filled with white light or it has washed all the blackness out through my feet,it might take a few weeks but you will notice that you are handling things in a more relaxed state.Another method i use is see myself a calm ,layed back person that i want myself to be .Main thing is to deal with any unresolved issues you might be hanging on to from the past,maybe write down everything that made you angry in the past then burn it and say goodbye to it,there are many good books on ways to deal with old anger wounds.I just try to concentrate on staying calm and if i find myself getting tense over sumthing or someone i just think is it worth it, it usually doesnt solve anything so just walk off and keep deep breathing. Anger is only hurting us if someone has caused you to break out into a fit of anger they have won, and you are making you body sick as anger can store in organs of the body like the liver hense (s..t in the liver) also if you have kids if you are angry they can pick up on all of our feelings so if we want our children to act calm and organised we have to set an example for them to follow,no use saying to them when they are yelling at you “dont yell at me” if thats all they have seen as a way to act when angry.Anger can actually be good somtimes if put to better use. Hope this has helped a little Peace be with you .


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