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How to control or increase the effect the 7 circles of energy which called "chakras"?

i need to know refernces of procedure and sites where i can get details.
i need to know the precious stones that serve each chakra and how to use them.
how to notice the difference.. use examples please


  1. Clear or rose/pink quartz crystal or amethyst (purple quartz) can be used on all the chakras or in healing/energy work. You can purchase these at a rock shop and start out using 1-2 inch stones (.50 – 1.00 each). Lie in a comfortable position on your back and place 1-2 stones over each chakra for 15-20 min or longer. Depending on why you’re asking, there are different techniques you can use including breathwork, color therapy (meditating on diff colors), accupressure, Reiki,ect. Some techniques are more effective for some problems or some people than others. It would help to know if you are asking because you are ill, or practicing yoga, or are just curious. What you are really wanting to stimulate is the flow of “kundalini” and as for controlling it, you really can’t that much once it’s activated and you can develop problems after it becomes “activated”. There are many websites out there related to energy work. Go to your fav search engine and type in: (chakras, gemstones) or (kundalini, stimulate,gemstones) or (chakras, stimulate,healing) or related words or phrases.You will find the websites you need. This is also referred to as “energy work”. Please read up on kundalini and problems before getting started so you’ll know what to look out for and what’s normal, okay??? If you begin having any problems or you think you’re having problems down the road, contact me by email or someone else at one of the websites for help or advice. Once Kundalini is activated, it can take on a “life of its own” so don’t overdo anything. You can probably also go to yahoo groups and find a group related to kundalini or energy work,ect. Good luck.

  2. It is a futile attempt to increase the energy through “Chakras” and “Vakras”.No precious stone will help to increase the energy of Vakram(crookedness).It is better to concentrate helping some poor people


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