how to concentrate.and creat chakra?






  1. You do not “create” chakra, the chakras are already there. You have seven main chakras. For chakra meditation, you should sit cross-legged with a comfortable posture. Try to sense the chakra at the base of your spine, the Muladhara or Base chakra. To do this, it is common to imagine a lotus flower with a certain number of petals.
    Base/Muladhara chakra – 4 petals
    Sacral/Swadhisthana chakra – 6 petals
    Solar plexus/Manipura chakra – 10 petals
    Heart/Anahata chakra – 12 petals
    Throat/Vishuddha chakra – 16 petals
    Brow/Ajna chakra – 2 petals
    Crown (top of head)/Sahasrara chakra – 1,000 petals
    Of course, you can also imagine other sorts of things that will help you sense the energy. Continue to concentrate on all of the different chakras and try to differentiate between their energies. If you have trouble with one of the chakras, try to imagine breathing life into the chakra as you inhale and exhale. If you think one of your chakras is blocked, you should see a qualified therapist or a practitioner of Ayurveda.
    Hope this helped.

  2. find a quiet spot and sit/lay down in a comfy position.
    Regulate your breathing by breathing from your stomach and not your chest. Place your palms over your eyes for about 10 mins
    I dont know how to create chakras but there are different chakra points in your body
    You can find it on your head chest, stomach groin, knees and feet i think.
    Anyway, the best way to concentrate is to do the above breathing while thinking about the subject you want to concentrate on.

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