Home Discussion Forum how to close my third eye completely?

how to close my third eye completely?

it happens when i have an accident last yr. ago (car crash)..since then i’ve been experiencing unusual things, its like the window of the world opens up to me…i can see and can communicate with dead people…they say its a gift…but for me its a curse!


  1. I dont think you can. I think it does sort of fade after a you get older. At least thats what I heard.

  2. I personnally think you are telling us stories… If deads are talking to you, it means you are having visions. And this is a psychological syndrome, and it needs medical counselling.
    Otherwise, a good solution is to write a book, and I will buy it.

  3. I have a good friend that has the same experiences!
    Out my way the have a school called psychic horizons.
    A place where they teach people to deal with psychic phenomena.
    They have a website….you may want to try talking to them.

  4. It is here that the form of God helps . Since you seem to be christien , you can imagine the picture of Jesus in your mind or if you beliee in any other god , you can imagie the picture of that god in your mind and to pray for relief from the unusual experiences you undergo.What you see in your mind is not anything real .Ded people are really no more in any fom anywhre ,you know and yousee feevery day , that the spirits / souls ,assuming that they are real, need a body to exist in . If the Bod ys cut in to two the sould is destoryed .It is gone If it does not depend on the body for its existence , the head of man severd from his body must speak . His torso shpould be alive and when these two severd things , the head and body are put togethere , the man ust revive and rise up and should be dead at all when his head is severed .
    For anything to make some sound , it needs some concrete substance to vibrate . souls being invisible smoke like thing,can not make any sound withoutr a vocal cord or some diaphram of some sort .It must have a lungs to push air through its vocal cords to make noise .Itmust jhave some lips to modulate sound . It must have all th ebodily organs that the physical body has if itwere to perfom the functions that are attributed to the souls.So forget souls or spirits or ghosts a or their making any sounds etc .
    you must know that tehe mind though has know eyes cansee hings that do not exist – that is hings that do not really exist . so what all they see is not real .It can hear what is not voiced . So what all it hears is not not real.It all depends on your faith .If you believe that there are ghosts , you will definitely see ghosts , that do not really exist . so also you will see all the non-existent dead people if you beliefe that dead people have spirits and they can communicate . But in reality they do not . It would be afasle belief . True or false , existent or not , themind is capapble of seeing all . the real third eye is knowledge what the Hindu philosophy says ,” Gnyana” the eye of Gnyana” the eye of knowledge “. that can see everything that is real.and understnd everything that is real.Try to secure it to know the truth. knowledge – real knowledge – the greatest and ultimate form of God .


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