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how to clear negative spiritual energies?

can anyone give advice on how to clear negative spritual energy within a house. my friend has been experiencing alot of negative energy, strange noises and objects moving around in her sons room. please help


  1. Here’s what i would do. Get a video cam, shoot a video of the objects moving, and the sounds. Post it on Youtube, post a link here on YA!, then may be people can help you
    Greetings from Iran

  2. stand in a puddle and, holding two butter knives, put the ends of each in the two sides of an electric socket.
    Once the negative energy contacts the positive energy, you will have no more problems with objects moving around the house. Or you moving around the house for that matter.

  3. Get a trivet, a small pot, a bottle of rubbing alcohol, a container of salt, a piece of paper, and a way to make fire. Put the pot on the trivet on the floor; put the salt in the pot, put the rubbing alcohol in the pot, turn off the smoke alarm, open the windows +/ doors, put the piece of paper into the salt, and light it. Once the alcohol lights, let it burn down. This will purify out ALL of the energies in a 30′ diameter ball, negative, positive, & otherwise. If you do this and you get 3 – 6 foot high swirling green flames, you need to do it again until that stops happening. If you have magickal objects or an altar within that 30′, you’re going to need to re-enchant them after doing this. The people who are present during this should do some kind of energetic meditation afterward to come back to having positive energy.


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