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How to celebrate the pagan winter solstice?

I’m atheist but im very much into world religions like Buddhism and Wicca and of course Paganism, which is perhaps my favorite. The winter solstice is coming up, (a holiday the pagans celebrate) id like to celebrate this holiday but i dont know how. If anyone could tell me how to celebrate this holiday or a website or book i could read to help me. thank you. happy holidays.


  1. If you were really into “paganism” you would know it’s not a religion. It’s a very large group of religions. In common use, “pagan” denotes anyone not a Judeo-Christian. However, many consider the term derogatory, and the people who generally self-identify as pagans are generally a subgroup called neopagans. This group includes Wiccans, Druids, Reconstructionists, and Goddess worshippers, as well as eclectic pagans.
    Because “paganism” is not a single religion, one cannot say how “pagans” celebrate the solstice. Wiccans are different from Druids. Heck, even people within those groups can celebrate it in different ways. For some pagans, the solstice isn’t celebrated ta all.

  2. There are so many different Pagan religions and traditions, there’s no one way. And then of course different groups/families/individuals can have their own traditions, just like each Christian family or church might have their own Christmas traditions.
    How you celebrate it is really up to you. It doesn’t belong to any one religion or group, as it is a natural event. Think about what the Solstice means for you.
    For me, the holiday symbolizes hope for the future. Even in the darkest times there is a spark of light. The light always returns, literally and figuratively. It reminds me of how scary the Winter and the darkest days of the year were to our ancestors at one time, how survival was not a garauntee, but that seed of light is there, preparing to grow and bring back better times. It reminds me of how it relates to our lives today, when we have problems, there is always going to be a sunrise tomorrow, there are always new opportunities on the horizon. It reminds me that my problems are relatively minor when you look at the big picture.
    Some things you might do is sit up on the eve of Solstice and meditate on the meaning of the season to you, or go for a walk in the dead of night, or read inspirational poetry, or get up early and watch the sun rise.

  3. If you’re interested in celebrating the more eurocentric pagan rituals around this time of year then I can reccomend the following Celebrating the Irish Festivals: by Ruth Marshall.
    My main advice to you would be to read up as much as you can (online from respected sources) and discover the myths and traditions that have developed around this time of your. For the Celtic people it was a time to celebrate the return of the sun after so much gloomy darkness. Having grown up in Ireland myself I can assure you that the end of days with a couple of hours of light (which is more like twilight even on a sunny day) is something worth celebrating.
    The wikipedia article on Yule would be a good starting place to do some research – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yule


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