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How to block your chi from negative people?

I have heard that for example as a sports massage therapist, some people can drain your energy and there is a way to block off anyone draining your energy.
I know someone who does seem to drain my energy when we speak. How do I block this when we speak?


  1. You mentally build a barrier around yourself – this can be an imaginary barrier of glass or bricks but you imagine yourself enclosed in a small bubble with the bricks or whatever protecting you. That then protects you. What the guy says is right – there are people than without realising it drain the positive energies from people. Sometimes these are called Aura Vampires xxxxxxxxx

  2. Take distance when you speak with this person. have the feeling you are watching tv (when you watch a good movie your are in it.) when you watch a bad one, all horrible thing do not concern you. adopt the bad movie attitude. distance and drop in some jokes … the guy will become funny on top of it. 🙂

  3. Well one technique I have read about and sometimes use when I remember to is
    – shake your hand to make strands of light come out from your fingertips
    – then draw a spiral around yourself with the light starting from the top of your head, see or feel the light forming a cylinder around you
    – this cylinder protects you against energy drain.
    Personally, I don’t actually see the light, I only feel it.

  4. Try to focus on the extreme positve when around this person,explain to this individual that they are bringing you down with them.

  5. Yeah, also some people are unloaders, they unload all their stress and worries on to us and then they can sleep and were stuck with the stress, avoid avoid avoid he he

  6. Chi is an imaginary construct that only exists in your head, so I wouldn’t bother worrying about blocking it from ‘negative people’. Try reading a book from outside the self-help section maybe.

  7. in fact people do not drain your energy–rather ,you empower them by giving your energy(focus)to them thereby draining your self

  8. I don’t get this chi thing at all. I’ve studied human biology to a fairly high level and have come across nothing that might be described as ‘chi’. I’m not poo-pooing it, I just don’t get it. I’ve seen martial artists use it quite dramatically. If you ask people they waffle on about ‘energy channels’ and such, what people like me really need is an explanation that we can understand in terms of physics. Its not enough to simply say energy.

  9. Think positive thoughts about this person, especially thoughts of them being radiant and vital. They will sense your different energies/chi on a subtle level and adjust themselves accordingly. Also, think positive thoughts about yourself and your work. Then your world will change to refelct them and you will attract much more positive people. The negative person might well sense a change in your aura and be uncomfortable with it, and move away.


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