Home Discussion Forum how to block a psychic from reading your mind?

how to block a psychic from reading your mind?

i’m not joking and websites will help thanks
don’t give this 1 http://www.theastralworld.com/psychic-powers/psychic-attack.php
already checked it out.


  1. People can read my mind all of the time. That’s why i started lining my baseball cap with tinfoil. No Joke. It interferes with the signal. You should see their faces when mind readers try! haha

  2. i am a used-to-be psychic and i have a lot of training in this area.
    follow this simple method to keep away people from blocking your mind. (by the way, that website is bogus. i tried it, it never works)
    1. put an onion in your mouth and hold it there for 20 seconds
    2. while having the root in your mouth, turn in circles 5 times counter-clockwise
    3. sing halleluyah
    4. regurgitate the onion into a food processor.
    5. blend at high speed untill thick and creamy, about 30 secs
    6. feed this to your dog.
    works every time.
    have fun, hon!

  3. The REAL question is, how can a psychic read your mind?
    Once you figure this out, the answer to your question is easy.

  4. It’s okay I wont tell your secrets. I can only read what you are thinking about at the specific moment, not sift through your memories and tell about how many crushes on guys you have.. No ones going through your head except you, aren’t you scared of you now?


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