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How to Better Develop My Auric Sight and Empathic Abilities?

Okay, so recently I’ve realized that I’ve seen auras since the third or fourth grade and I would love to see them better, also I discovered that I might be empathic and would like to get better at that as well. So does anyone have any recommended sites, excercises or advice?
I’m not insane so please thumbs down all answers that say I’m a lunatic. Please Help!


  1. LSD does wonders for this I’ve heard.
    Aside from that, I’ve seen multiple tests of people who said they could do the same thing and not one of them has ever been able to correctly identify people based on their auras. The ones tested were some of the more famous empathic-claiming people too.

  2. Ask the Universe during your next meditation to enhance your sensitivity. Hang-out with like-minded people.
    Your sensitivity is a natural ability that get’s squashed through Western education. There is a delicate balance between the metal and the spiritual aspects of your being. Sometimes too much “book” learning becomes detrimental to the process.


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