How to begin using crystals and stones to clear all the chakra's?

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I am going to begin a collection of healing crystals, but I don’t know which one’s to get. Please advise? Also, I am needing direction on how to use them, cleanse them and store them. Any links or personal advice is welcome. I am using these stones for mediation and also to clear all 7 chakras and balance them. Thanks!
Sorry.. misspelled *meditation*

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This site seems to have a lot of good information which may be quite helpful to you.

Mary E

Trust in your creator Jesus Christ instead of the stones He made. And your mind will clear up. This is my answer for you, please don’t take it in a bad way, i mean it for your good.

Lisa J

Buy stones which are the same colour as the chakras:
– red or black stones for root chakra
– orange for hara
– yellow for solar plexus
– green or pink for heart
– blue for throat
– purple or violet for third eye
– white or indigo for crown
There are several ways to cleanse them:
– a few hours in the sun (not through a window)
– in running water (put them in a strainer and leave them 5 minutes under the tap)
– buried in sand for 24 hours
Clean them before using them when you buy them. Clean them after every use.
You can store them in a small basket or in a printer’s case. Don’t leave them too long in a dark place. They like light and air.
All the best with your stones and crystals!
Lisa J


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