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How to become a witch or a wiccan?

Im 14 and i want to know how to become a witch and or wiccan. I want to study both and practice both so i was just wondering if you guys had any tips for me.


  1. Been there. Done that.
    Trust me kid, you are better off studying psychology and natural sciences. All their “magic” is little more than a placebo effect.
    Harmless and fun, but pretend. Don’t waste your time.

  2. What are you thinking? Young and dumb is no excuse for entering into the wiles of devil and know if you continue this path you’ll end up on the rocky road of despair. There is only one path that leads to salvation and that is by accepting Jesus the Christ of Nazareth, the Messiah, as you personal savior. You were created to have fellowship with your Heavenly Father not to wallow in the mire of necromancy.
    Remember what you allow yourself to think, see, hear, say and do literally sets into motion God’s
    creative powers that form the matrix of life’s reality you find yourself now walking so be circumspect.
    TGM Moderator

  3. At least you got part of it right. They are two different things. Problem is, unless you study on your own for the next 4 years no one can legally take you on as a student. I would suggest waiting until then or at least reading the books by Scott Cunningham. He touches on both aspects though in most cases he does call them one in the same. Wicca is a polytheistic religion where Witches can be any religion.
    Good luck and blessed be.

  4. Well I think you are off to a good start because unlike a lot of people, you realize there is a difference between the two.
    Reading is really the place to begin. YOu might want to put learning Witchcraft on the back burner for a while and focus on Wicca. Learn about the religion, think about if it makes sense to you and if it’s the path you feel you wish to walk.
    Even if you decide Wicca isn’t for you after all, you can still begin practicing Witchcraft. That, too, requires reading– a great deal of study as a matter of fact, and regular meditation to achieve the mental discipline necessary.
    Hopefully your parents are open to your exploring different faiths and beliefs; if not, that’s where things can get difficult… going head-to-head over it will make it a power struggle and they’ll take your sincerity less seriously… on the other hand, I don’t recommend sneaking around and lying. If this is the case, it might be best to put it on the shelf for a few years.

  5. Reading is a fantastic way to study and get a feel for what you are looking for. I love it that you realize that both are different, yet they can be practiced together. Books by Scott Cunningham are a great start. Try reading one of his books, Wicca A Guide for the Solitary Practicioner. I have that book and find it extremely useful.
    Good luck in your journey!


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