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How to become a witch and how to properly cast a spell?

I need to know how to become a witch in VERY EASY STEPS. I also need to know how to properly cast a spell, once again, in VERY EASY STEPS.
Can you create your own spells that work. If so, How and can I use an example of a self created spell?


  1. 1. Buy a pointy hat.
    2. Tell everyone you’re a witch.
    3. You are now a witch, so by definition, any poem you write down can be a spell.
    4. Unfortunately, it won’t work; not because you’re not a good witch, but because no spells work. For Anyone. Even Reeeeaaalllly witchy witches…

  2. Check out:
    “Wicca For the Solitary Practitioner” by Scott Cunningham
    (if you are interested in Wicca)
    “The Magical Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells”
    (GREAT spellbook)
    “Postmodern Magic”
    (great book)
    “Initiation Into Hermetics” by Franz Bardon
    (not easy, but effective)

  3. You can’t. If Witchcraft were so easy, everyone would wiggle their noses and get what they wanted. Witchcraft doesn’t offer instant gratification.
    If you want to become a Witch, I can help you:
    It requires study. Start by reading everything you can for a few months on the topic. Take notes. Read things twice.
    Get to know your thoughts, conscious and subconscious. Write down your dreams, ideas, questions, and revelations in a journal.
    Learn to discipline your mind; without this, magic is impossible. The tools and the chants are just for focus; it is the mind that makes things happen. Meditate, daily, for a few months, until you become adept at it.
    After taking these steps, in a few months to a year, you might be ready to begin practicing magic and casting simple spells.
    If, however, you couldn’t even get through reading this post, perhaps you should consider another path. Witchcraft is probably not for you.

  4. http://www.witchvox.com might be able to help. Also try your local bookstore and check out the New Age area for spell books. Most are garbage but you can get an idea of what you can do and what not to do.
    If someone promises that you can make money or win someone’s love through spells – avoid the book

  5. http://www.witchschool.com/
    But don’t expect it to be easy – anything worth having takes some work – or we would be in deep dooo-doo because of people who do not take seriously the effect their actions have on the rest of the world —-
    oh yeah we are in deep dooo-doo aren’t we?

  6. Here is a very easy step… Pray that God will show you that being a witch is demonic and wrong. No one ( I do not care what they say) can cast spells. I have friend who claims that she is a witch and has yet to prove to me that she is anything but a person with a very active imagination. That is all it is. You can make up spells and do whatever else is involved but nothing happens. It is all make believe!
    God Bless
    ps. I think you should not mess around with this kind of stuff, all you are doing is setting yourself up for disappointments!

  7. No. It cannot be done. Yes, you can create your own but if i were you i wouldn’t. You have to understand your own mind and a little bit about the complexities of the world around you and obviously you don’t. So go open a a paint by numbers book that will give you something in VERY EASY STEPS.

  8. You have been given some very good answers by a couple people I would call reputable witches and a lot of ignorant BS from some fundies.
    There is no quick and easy way to become a witch. It take time, study and dedication.
    Most of us, if not all create our own spells,and yes, they work. If you are looking to be a witch, like on Charmed, forget it. That is pure fantasy.
    We each have our own style when casting spells. We each have our own traditions. Some of us are Wiccan, some are not.. I am one of the not, I am a Pict, a solitary practitioner. Partially taught by my mother.
    Good luck in your quest.

  9. Easy doesn’t equate instantaneous results, does it? *Sigh* some people.
    Anyways, To become a witch takes time (as all things do). First off, start reading. Read EVERYTHING you can about Wicca (if you want to become wiccan) and Witchcraft. Even the crap books, as I always tell people, Form Your Own Opinion!!! The opinion of others are just that…opinions of others.
    When you feel you can advance, then move onto meditation, visualization, etc…these will help with concentration. When you are physically and mentally ready for spells, look up information on correspondence (information on items like herbs, stones and colors that correspond to the type of spell you would like to learn). This part will take time.
    Spells *work* if you know what you’re doing. Don’t be in a rush to do them. If you feel you need a spell in a hurry, re-examine your need for them, as there is probably a mundane solution to your issue.
    Read Scott Cunningham’s Wicca: Guide for the solitary practitioner. It’s a good book on learning about wicca/witchcraft, and spellcasting. But remember that spells are not a sole focus and shouldn’t be, even if you’re a novice.

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