How to become a psychic medium?

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I want to become a psychic medium so I can communicate with ghosts and also be psychic. I already think I’m kind of clairsentient and clairaudient. But I’d like to develop it further.
Don’t say psychics are liars and not real.

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Larry Tudgeman

I’m not really an expert but I heard meditating and trying to contact your spirit guides help. All I can say is to meditate and stay in tune. What helps is to not expect something to happen all the time and let your intuitive guard down. Then signals will just come out of the blue. I hope this helped somewhat, lol. Good luck :]


I have neither qualities, but I have found that the more you use a gift, the gift enlarges. You could read books or work under a psychic. However, you will just be getting someone else’s view point. Explore the gift you have, test it and use it often; then you will be able to answer this question for another.


I’ve been told i have intuitive abilities as well. sometimes i get a rush of a feeling about something and it turns out totally right, but sometimes i get too emotionally (i am extremely sensitive) involved in a situation and i lose the gift. i like the first answer given here.


Million bucks say there is no such people. If anyone was psychic this would be a cakewalk.
Money talks.

Homie from the Show Me

So you want to become psychic. Well, we all already have a 6th sense. You need to learn how to listen to it and interpret it. I have plenty of psychic abilities, but I have never come uop with a way to just “become” a recognized psychic. The stuff comes and goes with me. For the record I believe in many types of psychic but I don’t really believe in ghosts. Spirits sounds more feasable, but when I get messages from beyond I can’t distinguish them from the single spirit of the universe. I’m not generally a sceptic, but I believe that those that communicate with ghosts and past lives are fakes. I have telepathy, remote viewing, and visions. I don’t think the way for you is to try to seek to become something you aren’t already. Just go about your life and continue to learn and hone your abilities. Personally, overall my abilities are more of a hassle and cause me stress and I would give them up in a second.

The Undertaker

Homie is correct in stating that we ALL have a 6th sense. Unfortunately, many cannot or don’t know how to tap in it. Meditation is important if you want to tap into the invisible.


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