How to be a Shaman – Starting on a Shamanic Journey

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The Jai Sahaja! Bhajans team provide their fourth beautiful offering of the 2020 Rishikesh, India season.

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In this modern times, various religions are emerging. Although many people still believe in their religious group where they belong, some people inevitably join the new age religious groups. To add information with what you know about spirituality, there is this thing called shamanism. To be clear, shamanism is not a religion rather, it is a mixture of rituals derived from many cultures all around the globe. People who are curious or people who want to be involved in shamanism can learn by a two-part process.
Learning shamanism is by choice and here is the first part that can introduce you in the world of shamans whereas the first part of learning has 5 steps. To deal with the first step, learning history is a start. The person should start by an introduction of when and where shamanism began. Under the evolution of shamanism history, you may want to know that the word shaman has emerge from Siberia. It came from an Evenki language which means unclear. Because of the anthropologists, people under this spiritual practice adopted the word shamanism. Not only Native Americans use the term but also the other groups that believes the spiritual practice.Second step is to be familiarized with neoshamanism which is also known as New Age shamanism. This new development of shamanism came most from white Western people. It is important to also learn neoshamanism because people are engaged in modern times which makes neoshamanism an important spiritual practice to be a tool for modern shamanism understanding. Experts also argued that variety of spiritual practice with using the heart as a core center from different beliefs can also be called shamanism. Westerners also developed another type which is called core shamanism.Third step to consider is to be familiar about the reactions of traditional shamans to the recent shamanism. It is an objective to understand this controversy. The reason behind this is that not all shamans agree to the varying points of view of traditional to recent shamanism. The last step for the first part is to study traditional shamanism. Simply because this is where neoshamanism was inspired.


Now that you have gained the basic part, we can then go to the second part of learning shamanism which is about practicing it. First thing to do is to induce drumming trance then blindfold yourself while you do a little drumming. Second step is to do meditation. Find your inner awareness and make it alive by meditating. Listening to your dreams is considered as the third step. For you rinformation, shamans believe that dreams are visions or revelations. Fourth step is to interact with spirits and other entities. This is very important because no shaman is not doing this practice. Another important guiding step is to find a teacher. Obviously, this is to learn more about shamanism guides to spiritual practice. The sixth step is about being cautious to drug intakes. It is known that shamans use tobaccos as a part of practice. Seventh step is creating a healing ritual like dancing or singing. This known as one of shaman’s major practice. Lastly, perform divination. This is where divining implemental is used. These items are used as a guidance or a way to communicate with the afterlife.

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Mooji Mala Music – Rishikesh – Jai Sahaja Bhajans

The Jai Sahaja! Bhajans team provide their fourth beautiful offering of the 2020 Rishikesh, India season.

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