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How to astral project?

I have been on the verge of astral projection on many occasions throughout my life since I was 9 years old, but have always stopped myself because I become so conscious of it and afraid to let go. How can I relax and let myself do it? Any techniques?


  1. Try asking the dog on the Jetsens! Sorry that is my best answer. I have no clueeee….or wait maybe you could take some drugs..

  2. ”we weep not because we are sorrowful, rather, we are sorrowful because we weep.” -william james. try controlling your physical symptoms. breathing first, tensed muscles next. if you act relaxed, you are relaxed.

  3. Astral projection almost always requires an altered state of consciousness. This does not necessarily mean that you have to organically alter the brain as would happen when taking drugs. But some have used the stimulation of outside materials to trigger such an altered state.
    Universally, shamans have achieved the equivalent of astral projection by training themselves to enter an altered state. Usually by self-induced cues that can include anything from sound, dance, sensory deprivation, and for some even hallucinagenic plants. But for each, there is always a component of visualization, usually in ritual form.
    This comes from repeated and intense practice to place the mind in a state that can perceive the other “worlds” around them. The reason I am telling you this is to stress that to project yourself to other plains of existance and successfully return, you need careful training that allows you to make the transition and return, and protect yourself from psychic damage in the process.
    Some have on occassion experienced astral projection spontaneously, but this has proven to be quite dangerous for most involved and can cause real damage in an individual who is not prepared for the experience, both emotionally and psychically.
    So, if you are truly interested. Start looking up information on Shamanism. A good place to start is in an area known as “Core” Shamanism. These are the universal core aspects of most shamanic practice. Then you can explore shamanistic practice of your own ancestrial heratige and preferrably with a practicing teacher. Be safe –

  4. Just keep focused, don’t let the fear bothor you, because remember, all it is, is fear of the unknown, every great person in history has conquered fear of the unknown. Your going to see some pretty weird things that may scare the hell out of you, but remember, you can NOT be harmed, believe that, and you will not be harmed. Time is heavily distorted as well, if something tries to attack you, simply go back in time alittle, remember your human, you are a God compared to any spirit, you have a body (like a generator) to support you, they don’t. Your always more powerful. Remember to just not fear the unknown. It’s like a little kid goin in a dark room, some little kids would close the door and walk away-but there’s always that one kid that would walk in facing his fear of darkness and turn on the light. Be that kid, and you will be great. Astral Projection is a experience that is worth facing any fear for, and is one of the best psychic abilities (along side psychokinesis) that exists. Also be sure to try and visit the “Akashic Records” while in there, which seems to be like this giant library place that has information from the very creation of the universe, to the very end. Remember that Time is a concept. Never fear the unknown though, keep yourself relaxed, and remember this is a enjoyable experience where you can not be harmed, if you have any fears however while in astral projection-they will be manifested in front of you, any creature in there, if you try and will yourself to believe they don’t exist-you could litterly destroy them that way. Hope this helped.

  5. One nice trick is to train your mind before you go to sleep to remember to do it when you become aware that you are sleeping. So to condition yourself before you go to sleep each night, & you might want to write it down, is tell yourself that whenever I realize that I am dreaming I will use that lucid state to begin to will my awareness out of my body. Now this could take awhile, maybe months to be able to plant this seed & have it grow into a workable method. Now the tricky part is to use a part of your mind that is not awake but not the lack of self awareness that normal sleep brings. There are other types a mental functions that are only known about when you start to concentrate. Also we have a tendency to think that awareness is only in the front part of the head, but when you are laying there try to shrink your consciousness to your navel area & leave your body from there. If you here a windy, or rushing, or roaring sound that is just what is known as the Astral Winds. Don’t pay attention just work through it, no big deal. If & when you do get out just try something simple like go to the ceiling & looking back down at your bed to look at yourself. It will be the 1st time you will see yourself as not the center of the universe but just another object in it. Quite startling yet a good way to know the greater reality around us. Next as you feel more confident just go around your house & look at stuff. Later then go outside & fly around. Good luck, you’ll never forget it…………..M


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