How to astral project for the ADD kid?

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I have extreme trouble concentrating and most Astral projection methods involve meditation and concentration and I just cant seem to do that. Are there any easy methods of Astral travelling that dont involve concentration?

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No, there is no way around meditation because to astral project you need to be able to alter your state of consciousness.
There are ways to improve your meditation skills, even with ADD; in fact, mastering meditation can be quite helpful to someone with ADD (I know this from experience).
One of the biggest challenges you will face is learning how to focus for long… one good way to overcome this is to start with “external” meditation, such as “tai chi” or free-writing or indulging in an artistic frenzy. Basically, the movement helps you keep focused on what you are doing so your mind can enter a meditative state.
Once you can do these things for a while try switching to guided meditations. There are many CDs and downloads you can get, or you can make your own and record your own voice.
Guided meditations help you because the voice constantly reminds you to keep focused and on track.
When you become good and getting through guided meds, you can begin unguided internal meditations.
And it works best if you establish a routine for relaxing and getting into it (for example, turn off lights, burn incense, sit in same place & position, engage in the same breathing & muscle relaxation techniques, etc.). This little ritual begins to act like a switch in your mind, telling it, “okay, time to meditate!” which is conducive to getting into a meditative state.
Another good way is to set lights or something on a timer to go on and off once or twice every couple of minutes, as a subtle reminder that you stay on track without really interrupting you if you are on track.


Astral Projection is very dangerous. Let me ask you a question: Do you think the devil would like for you to get involved in these practices? The answer is yes–and that should be a solemn warning to you.
The Bible is very clear: If we want to please God, we will avoid everything that has anything to do with the occult (even if it seems innocent or harmless on the surface). The reason is because occult practices of any kind could involve you with spiritual forces that are opposed to God and are, in fact , in league with the devil.
I know that is a strong statement–but I can’t emphasize strongly enough how spiritually dangerous it is to follow Satan’s way rather than God’s way. When the Ephesians who had practiced the occult became Christians, they “brought their (magic) scrolls together and burned them publicly” (Acts 19:19). They knew there could be no compromise between their old way of living and God’s way.
Don’t try to resist the “pull” you feel toward the occult in your own strength. Instead, by faith turn to Christ and ask Him to come into your life and give you the strength of His Holy Spirit. Don’t be deceived, but come to Christ, who alone is “the way and the truth and the life” (John 14:6).
For a FREE easy-to-understand teen study Bible e-mail me.

Alternative PsyD

I suggest the books below.
For ADD there are mental exercises as simple as concentrating on one object for 5 minutes a day (starting with less time of course). There are also herbal supplements that claim to increase focus.
Plus any medical doctor can provide medication.

Yellow panther

no there is no substitute for lack of focus, but don’t feel bad everyone has there own seprate gifts.
And to beliver you ever consider the fact she might not be christian?


I agree with Believer……I know from personal experience this practice is very dangerous to get involved in, you will always fall eventually with this sort of thing. Almost ruined my life. I understand why you might feel you need to do this, but I also know for a fact, the eventual consequences that come from it…The best meditation, is to meditate on Gods word, Scripture 🙂 Blessings to you.

\/\/3b |

Astral projection is only as dangerous as you make it out to be. That’s the nature of things like this. It is a very personal, subjective experience. If you believe you encounter demons while projecting, then you will. Your thoughts and beliefs will attract to you the things you believe in, especially when you get into more spiritual things like astral projection.
If you believe you are safe, then you are safe. Maintain this belief and you’ll be fine.
That aside, there really is no substitute for disciplined concentration and focus. You can use drugs, certain hallucinogens or the like, to bring about the experience. But that may be detrimental in the long run if you’re not careful. However, I did think of one thing.
There are different ways to help concentrate. Meditative methods can be considered an inhibitory practice of slowing yourself down to initiate the trance to project. But there may be another way, more conducive to your self.
The other methods I have found are what could be called excitationary, meaning you “excite” yourself into a trance. Some shamans did this in the past by dancing and drumming (oftentimes aided by drugs, but they are not absolutely necessary). In particular, a form of Chinese shamanic tiger qigong uses dancing and certain qigong movements which may help you. Research “Laohu Gong” for more information.
You may have better results with excitation than inhibitory. The two keys either way are time and patience. You won’t achieve it all in one day, but you will achieve it if you are determined enough and put in enough effort for enough time.
Best of luck on your search.


Thank you, your message is very sensical and helpful .


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