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How to astral project, and can 12 year olds do it?

I’m not very dedicated, and I want to astral project in a way that allows me to do it before I go to sleep and then project all night, I’m willing to do somethings, but not meditate or anything of that matter. If it must be, I will astral during the day too.


  1. Nobody can do it. It is superstition.
    You can fool yourself into thinking you’re doing it fairly easily, but if you’re honest, you’ll notice that you don’t really gain any new information than what you make up in your head.

  2. You need to read more about it before you start trying to do it. First of all, you can’t do it during the day and be able to go about your business.
    Keep reading.
    By the way its a load of crap, but still if you want to try it you need to keep reading.

  3. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. You must be asleep to astral project. Here’s a hint… while you’re dreaming try to look for your hands. If you can find your hands while asleep, you will become conscious of the fact that you are dreaming.. and you will be able to travel anywhere, any time you choose.

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