How to astral project! *10 points for best answer!!*?

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I had tried before but never seem to get it. But I tried again tonight and I felt like my whole body was being lifted up and I felt a tingling go thru my body. But I opened my eyes because someone was knocking on my door.Do you think I almost had it?? If so when is the best time to do it??

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As a matter of fact we are all familiar with the Astral in a sense because it is the place we go to in dreams. Astral travel is being in that place while fully conscious, like you are right now.
There is just so much myth and fear surrounding astral projection. The variety and polarity of the different answers posted is a testiment to that. It’s too bad really.
Astral travel happens when our consciousness leaves the physical body and goes into the astral or 5th dimension. This happens every night when we sleep because this is where dreams take place. We don’t usually realize this because we have fallen into a dream and usually don’t even realize we are dreaming.
It is possible to learn how to consciously project or to even wake up in a dream ( that is become aware that you are actually dreaming and therefor are in the astral).
Since our consciousness goes into the astral every night and since we wake up in our beds, safe and sound every morning it becomes pretty obvious that astral travel is quite safe and natural.
Anyone can astral travel. Like I said we are all in the astral every night because it is the place where dreams take place. We only need to learn some simple techniques to be able to be there consciously.
With a little practice almost anyone can learn to astral travel. It is focused concentration at the moment the body falls asleep that result in a conscious astral projection.
Its great. You can fly, walk through walls and objects, meet people and talk to spiritual beings, get answers about life, find out what happens at death, travel in an instant to anywhere in the world or even beyond etc. It is really a magical experience and gives you a whole new perspective on life and the universe.
It is only provable to those who do it. But there is no mistake. You can be just as aware and conscious there as you are right now, and even more so. Any one that has astral projected knows that it isn’t a figment of your imagination, or a dream or an altered state of consciousness. The Astral is a real place.


Possibly. The way I tuaght myself to astral project is to lie down, decide on a destination and imagine myself walking through a tunnel and coming up some steps onto the sidewalk in front of the building I had set as my goal.
I suggest you make arrangements ahead of time with someone to verify what you see and hear while you are ‘visiting’. That is how I did it and I was able to describe who did what and what they said. It takes practice.
As for just floating out of your body and looking down at yourself, I am not sure. Others who have described their experiences to me say it happened without their intent and before it happened they heard a buzzing sound. I never heard that sound.
Mainly, you have to relax and don’t worry if your experiences are different than anyone else’s.

Eclectic Witch ਹੇਰ੍ਮਨ੍

You were doing it RIGHT! CONGRATS!
Do it the same way you were doing it.
Here are some extra tips:
*Don’t eat before attempting.
*Make sure nobody bothers you, lie to them if you have too.
*When you feel the sensations/vibrations (floating feeling), do not do anything different. Don’t even think about floating, let it happen.
The best time to do it is whenever you feel comfortable and won’t be disturbed. It usually works best after you sleep for couple hours and wake up at like 4am and then try it. It is very difficult this way but effective.
*Here is what you should try next time:*
When you are all relaxed and your mind is relaxed…… try to induce that same floating feeling you felt. Imagine with every breathe you take that you are getting lighter and lighter, weightless. Imagine you are a balloon and the breathes you take are helium. Feel yourself to start floating upwards.
Do not actually move physically!
When that floating feeling comes…. just continue the technique and BAM! you’ll be out if your mind is able to slip pass the sleep stage.


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