How to activate the third eye chakra?






  1. meditate on the chakra. In meditation focus your mind at that point of your body (which is just right behind the forehead). Keep your focus there and meditate on it. If you have a mantra, chant it. Otherwise, the mantra “Aum” will do (usually written as Om, but the sounds in Sanskrit are actually Ah-U-M).
    Other ways are to focus on the divine. When combing your hair, imagine yourself combing the hair of the divine. When brushing your teeth, imagine yourselve brushing the teeth of the divine. When you take a shower or bath, imagine that your are bathing or showering the divine. When you eat, imagine that you are feeding the divine.
    You can also perform puja. The most essential thing about performing puja is to put your heart and mind into it. If you have a home altar you use this. If not, prepare a space that is in a quiet space and on it place an image or something to symbolize the divine (whatever it is that represents the divine to you in some way). Place a candle. If you want, place incense. A simple puja would be simply coming into the space, lighting the candle, bowing before the altar, and then meditating at the altar. You can extend beyond this by adding incense, offering water, fruit or food, flowers, leaves, etc. It isn’t important really how elaborate or simple you make it. Whatever works best for you. If you want to say prayers to the divine, do so. If you want to sing songs, do so. Keep your mind focused on the divine. Chant your mantra and meditate in that space. The space is sacred and treat it that way. Whenever you feel drained or just in need of some spiritual growth, go to this space before your altar, perform the puja, do the meditation. What you are doing is developing your focus on the divine and therefore by doing so, you are connecting yourself, you are plugging your third eye into the spiritual. As you do this, the third eye will activate and begin to open, little by little. If you start to feel your forehead itch or burn, this is part of the process. You can place kumkum there and it will ease the third eye as well and help it when opening (that is why Hindus were the bindi, dot, on their forehead and it is made from kumkum).

  2. Chakara means cycles. You keep running around in circles and will never realize that there is eye hidden in every particle. Just pick up handfull of gutter you call organic growth you will realize a GOD OF LOVE and GOD’S eyes every where.

  3. meditate until your breathing is slow and the feeling of ka is in the base of your stomach now move with the power of your chi and your breaths the energy to the area tap or rub the area it tingles the chi s moved about in this way,, a toaist

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