Home Discussion Forum How tired are you of hearing get over it?

How tired are you of hearing get over it?

I sometimes ask questions on here and the most common answer I get is, “get over it”. This isn’t helpful at all. Half the time I’m not even asking a question that relates to this. Yes sometimes I ask questions for others opinions on things in my personal life, but that doesn’t mean I’m obsessed over it! Just now I posted a question about my regression and possible causes. I clearly stated I dont want to live in the past but wondering why this may be happening. What do u think one of the answers I got was? Do people just not read a question thoroughly? I try 2 answer questions in a sensitive and well thought out manner. I guess some people are just out to be mean… on the internet. Just venting here, but if you agree, write here agreeing.


  1. I think (or maybe hope) that they are just using the wrong wording. When I use the term “get over it” (which I don’t remember ever using on yahoo answer, but could have), I mean to work through the issue. Some people though probably use the term because its easy. If they don’t know how to answer somebody’s question just sat those words and….voila!…..2 points.

  2. I don’t get that too often….
    Its not a very good answer…
    it says more about their inability to express themselves…than it does about your question…
    So i would tell you not to worry about it…LOL…
    “get over it…”…LOL/j/k…

  3. Because it is easy for them to say about a problem that’s not their. I bet that when it came to their problems, they won’t be able to get over it that easy.


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