how "Therapy" is different than "Hypno- therapy" really?

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and how each works differently? how differently to both these to “EFT” or Emotional Freedom Technique?
please explain and describe how they are supposed to “Rechannel” positively repressed negative energies such as anger, etc? (btw, is it mostly repressed anger or which other negative emotions are often repressed and why for that?)
thanks for your answers!

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Randy & Lori

A human brain is “hardwired” much like a computer is wired. It has basic programing that can be changed in childhood and in adulthood. Our brain is hardwired for 1) self preservation. or taking care of number one. repressing anger or negative emotions is part of that self preservation. suppression is your brains way of dealing with something that can emotionally hurt you (your physce your id whatever) redirecting tries to turn what your brain sees as a negative and turns it into a positive (a driving force) Repressed memories (usually very traumatic) can be “let go” I describe it as “putting down your cross” as in everyone has there own cross to bear. It is a very heavy weight and there is no reason to carry that weight every day of your life. Hypnotherapy puts you in a relaxed state and can “pinpoint that traumatic event and” reboot your brain to a more positive solution. No matter what type of therapy you use it is to try to accomplish the same goal to improve your life and your outlook towards it. Hope this helped……………..R


Therapy is usually talk therapy which is designed to heal unresolved trauma by bringing new perspectives on it through discussion and reframing. By understanding it from a different perspective we can begin to forgive and let go of the blame, anger and negative emotions we feel.
Hypnotherapy uses specific language techniques to relax the conscious and access the unconscious. Once in the unconscious, it can be used to access specific previous traumas and resolve them, OR to suggest and install positive, desired outcomes.
Therapy works consciously, hypnotherapy unconsciously. Therapy usually for specific events, hypnotherapy for a range of issues, e.g. specific events, general complaints, future fears. Therapy resolves negatives, hypnotherapy can both resolve negatives and install positives.
EFT is usually applied to negative past specific events and works by tapping on certain meridian points which then rebalance the body’s energy system, whilst focussed on the negative event. Therefore collapsing the negative emotional charge on the event. It mostly is achieving the same end goal as therapy, but via a different means. EFT when used to install positives, is usually focussed on collapsing the resistances to the positive, if you see what i mean.
4 groups of negative emotions are commonly unresolved – anger, sadness, fear, sorrow. Usually in that order. e.g. when we resolve anger about something, we will typically move onto sadness, then fear, and so on, until we have complete closure and released the event altogether.
– Stewart


Most people regard therapy as talking to somebody “official”. i.e. shrink, doctor. Yet, just talking to your friend could easily be classed as therapy. Anything that alleviates some of the pressure off you can be regarded as therapy. The biggest problem as I see it is therapy, you do the talking, then you do the censorship.i.e. Am I allowed to do this? Say this? What will the other person think and feel about me? Your natural inhibitions can still very easily play out.
Hypnotherapy – A session should begin by having a full client history taken. This allows you to talk, about what you think your issue is. Then normally led by a hypnotist. They will use hypnosis to release your negative emotions surrounding an or many events.
Hypnosis is just a very relaxed state normally. You don’t reveal what you don’t want to. The hypnotist can use language patterns to talk to the part of you,your unconscious, the part that pumps your blood, really looks after you and protects you to let it know that it has done a really good job, but it is OK to let this issue go now. The hypnotist can easily set up yes, no signals so that you can know you’re in a trance state. In addition, this allows your unconscious mind to communicate what is really going on.
You can easily become so relax that you can’t be consciously aware of what is going on (its totally safe). Here you can do healing on very traumatic events that your unconscious mind has been protecting from you (just doing its job).
EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping – EFT stimulates important energy points around your body. You only notice your negative emotions because you’re holding onto them. By using EFT, you’re acknowledging these emotions and the events that caused them. Once done, the points basically open up the energy channels again.
Hypnosis and EFT work individually and very well together. Both can release the negative emotions on events. As Stewart says therapy is very much a conscious process, hypnosis is unconscious. EFT I think is and can be both. EFT you don’t need to know the ins and outs of everything.
For me EFT has been much quicker at releasing stuff than hypnosis. It’s big plus is that you can do it on yourself, by yourself and on anything. Although if you’re worried what will come up. Go and see somebody who is skilled. I’m sure you know. When you’re in the thick of a problem, you can’t see the wood for the trees. It sometimes helps to have an observer guide or offer up suggestions.
The best advice is to just start tapping.
Happy Travels


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