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How the HELL can I pull off Astral Projection?!?!?

I’ve tried it every now and then for about 2 years.
I relax, concentrate, try to disconnect myself from my body…
The most noticeable thing I have accomplished is reducing my heart rate and respiration, and feeling my arms and legs rise a little…
but even THAT isn’t close to achieving it!
…or is it?
“Commit suicide”… wow… gee, Coyote, thanks for the wishful thinking.
Right now, you may be right about my being “forceful”, but when I try it I’m calm and relaxed.


  1. Have you considered the possibility that it doesn’t really exist? That it is a hallucination on the part of those who claim to be able to do it?
    Or that it is a talent, like singing, and if you have it, you have it?

  2. Astral projection isn’t a concious thing, it’s in between the concious and unconcious (sub concious). Don’t TRY to disconnect yourself from your body, just imagine your essence lifting from your body while in a semi-sleep state. PIcture yourself as weightless, if that helps. It’s harder for some people than others.

  3. You are incapable to achieve this because of your mental attitude and you’re forceful attempts. Astral Projection does not involve the physical body, only the cosmic spirit. At best, the only way you can achieve this is to commit suicide.

  4. Try falling asleep while staring at a colorful , psychedellic ( probably spelled wrong ) picture . I used to have one I got from the carnival, it was hypnoyic , and hard on the eyes to stare at , but I loved it . I tried to do that with it , cause that’s what someone told me to do ,and I really wanted to , but much like you , never successful ! You could probably get a cool poster or something at SPENCER’S GIFTS, if you have one in your area ! The people who TRY to Astral Project , usually don’t , and those that do it are usually freaked out and want to stop and don’t know how ! Go figure ! Sylvia Brown has a book ( or books ) on this , try your local book store or library ! I haven’t read any , ( I’m not exactly the reading type ) , but I’ve watched her on the Montel Williams Show , she is a psychic, and very good . She has a natural gift , not a fake , gypse psychic ability ! Check her out , I bet you’ll learn a lot !! Hope it helps . Happy travels , and a safe return !

  5. Don’t give up. I have pulled it off myself several times. For some people it just comes naturally, but for others it can be considerably more difficult. There are lots of great books and websites you can use to find a method that works for you (every mind is different and some people need different methods.) A big part of it is often actually accepting that it will happen. Waiting doesn’t usually work- simply letting it happen right away is often better.

  6. Try lucid dreaming first- there are a lot of methods for that- find one that works for you. Once you can do that reliably astral projection will be much easier. Baby steps dude, baby steps. Don’t let the cynics stop you, they say “it’s impossible” when they have been afraid to even try. It is hard though- it may take years for it to work for you. You might try reading Colin Wilson’s “Beyond The Occult” and Robert Anton Wilson’s “Prometheus Rising” for deeper insights into this phenomena.

  7. I have never managed to use astral projection, though, I too, have tried. The comments about relaxation are very relevant, and seems to be central to the process.
    You are accomplishing that, if your heart rate and respirations are slowing.
    I have a question for you , though. What prupose does the profanity in your question serve? Are you really that frustrated? I don’t know how so many individuals expect seriuos answers to their questions when they SHOUT their profanities within their questions. Relax. Life goes on.

  8. Well the number one thing that is going to help is positivity and faith. People spend their whole lives trying things of that magnitude, getting flustered after two years of work is detrimental to the process!
    Next, my suggestions would be as follows:
    1. Watch the documentary “The Secret” every day for thirty days until your mind starts to KNOW the message. (The documentary states that anything is possible, you just have to feel and know it)
    2. You will start to notice messages appearing in your life, whether it is in the form of a clip of an old sci fi on tv, or a guru who claims to have acheived in online
    3. Research the monks, etc that have had supposedly had success, and go live in a monestary type setting, until you become “enlightened”
    If you are really serious about astral projection, it probably takes more than trying it now and then for 2 years
    Good luck

  9. First of all, Astral projection is not a question of pushing button or just sitting down calling some crazy names or hypnotizing yourself and listening to thousands clans.
    The first thing you have to accept is the truth about you (you’re not just a regular human but God in person responsible for everything that happened in your life, then and only then, you will flight out of your body for a maximum time of 9 minute ONLY even so it looks like many hours.

  10. Please relax and keep yourself calm. May be the reason behind this is that whenever your body starts to tune into AP state you start thinking that today i am gonna do it and this ruins all your effort ; just be calm and PASSIVE .It will occur . Rather than cursing yourself encourage your mind by saying that it did a great job and will surely do better next time. Just be calm and focused but not forceful let your self float into the astral plane like water flows . You might want to try some new methods because there is a possibility that your mind thinks the current method is useless . And if you start to have an OBE or a lucid dream then enjoy it. This will encourage your sub-c and increase your chances of success.


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