How the hell Aleister Crowley went bankrupted??? how did he go penniless?

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I don’t like this guy because he contributed to universal evil, but when his father died, he left his wicked son his inheritance, and creating his “religion”, their must be other causes that took him to not to have money…

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The Truth Hurts! Ouch!

He didn’t get paid royalties from Ozzy.


he was yet another christian occult goof loser


“The fool and his money, are soon parted”


Well, he was a heroin addict…

he was a typical christian who chose the Occult and black magic over reality


A heroin addiction and a hedonistic lifestyle will do that to you. I think he’s more upset about his personal finances than you are.

Sherri M

The main reason Aleister Crowley died without a lot of money is because he spent a most of his fortune self-publishing an enormous amount of books and traveling the world seeking truth, not perpetuating evil. The media has vilified this man over the years and made him out to be nothing more than a miscreant when, in fact, he was an accomplished mountain climber, chess master, poet, artist, and some say even a British spy. While he did experiment with recreational drugs, his herion addiction was a result of being prescribed the same for his asthma. Also contrary to popular belief, his last years were not spent in a hovel, but in a perfectly respectable boarding house. Certainly not a life of luxury, but not begging in the streets as some would have you believe.


Well, it’s a bit of a myth that he died penniless and alone tbh. When he died a box with £400 was found under his bed that was given to him to publish magick without tears. He had a nurse paid for by a female friend until the very end. He was also sent care parcels of tobacco, chocolates and books from all around the world until he died. Yes he blew his inheritance and had a heroin addiction due to it being a prescription from his doctor, but he wasn’t the shell his detractors try to make out.


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