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How strong will naruto be if he combine hermit mode with the fox's chakra ?



  1. UNBEATABLE lol jk
    he will be pretty unstopaple
    but imagine a sannin with the kyuubi’s power now that would be awesome
    I Hate Sasuke
    ♥I Love Tsunade♥

  2. ummm its hard to say at four tails he was able to battle on equal terms with a full strength orochimaru and took out all of his walls that are said to be an even greater defense then garras sand
    he has grown very strong in shippuden even with out the foxes power his fuuton rasen shuriken made him just as strong as kakashi with out the fox chakara and the fuuton wasnt even at full power now add the foxes chakara to a fully developed fuuton rasenshuriken which took out two of kakuzus hearts in one blow that would be strong enough right there almost unstoppable now add sage chakara to that! whoa im not sure but umm i believe if he ever had a fight with goku he could kill him with that kind of power
    also the mysterious power that itachi gave naruto will add to his strength so yes he would be deadly

  3. 1st off to dude who said imagine a sannin wit kyuubi powers.. sannin meens 3 so u had to be talking about jaraiya, tsunade or orichimaru, only jaraiya could use senjutsu and not even fully.
    Jaraiya never achieved true sage form. so we dont know what naruto will be able to do yet. and on naruto manga #418 he was practicin but it didnt let us see what he will fight like. but im seriously excited to find out. How bad ass naruto will now be, and if because he is now one wit nature will he be able to also fully control a 9 tail form. will he also be able to use his wind rasengan without causing mass damage to himself,


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