how strong can be telepathy ?

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how strong can be telepathy ?
is it possible the person for whum u feel strongly can get feelers tat ure thinking abt him…..the other nite i was deep asleep and felt some one kissing me on my cheek ….lolz i know im sounding silly … but is it possible tat ure wave lengths match and u can feel him even if ure far away frm each other…..
i thought of asking u brainies tiz time …..maybe u know science of telepathy

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have you ever been in a deep sleep and felt someone shaving your armpits ?


It is strong enough for me to able to manipulate you to write this question. Is that strong enough for you?


It isn’t telepathy if you feel someone actually physically do something to you. Besides, telepathy doesn’t exist.


My husband has, as he calls it, the gift. I was in a wreck one time, and he knew he needed to get home even before I’d contacted him. The strangest thing he ever did, though, was when he helped out a friend. The friend had bought a load of rocks from a rock shop that had gone out of business. The friend asked my husband if he would help him move the rocks. They didn’t see each other for a few months. Then, Ed got the feeling that he needed to go see the friend. They greeted each other, and Ed said, “Are you ready to move the rocks?” He was just getting ready to call Ed to let him know he needed him. One of the friends’ employees was shocked, but Ed and his friend just shrugged it off as normal.

Brian J

PLEASE people, for the love of Pete! That little button that says check spelling is there for a reason. The grammar is another issue. SHEESH!!
Telepathy by the way is very real and aliens are controlling you right now!!!!!!!
Quick wrap your head in foil and eat some Reese’s pieces!


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