My friend seem to be having sleeping disorder, anxiety before sleep and nightmares. I want to help, but I don’t know how. Should I leave him alone or keep him accompany?
Please advise. Thank you so much!


  • it alters it horribly, leaving them tired and worn out physically and mentally. it’s up to you i’d say accompany him. i’m still going through mine right now and hurts like triad torture on the day of the bejing manslaughter. keep your friend company. this is something they need to do.

  • Your friend needs to learn how to meditate, and how to somehow incorporate self-realization into his/her life. Spiritual awakening can definitely help one to cope with the darker side of this material existence, what to speak of any other realm of existence. They will become fearless, and then these things will not bother them any longer.

  • Spiritually speaking, Pray for him while laying hands on his head to give peace.
    Have him confess his sins to GOD. It sounds as if he’s holding on to a big secret.

  • As an Orange i do not sleep, however if i did and i was having a nightmare, i would want to be woken.
    Hope this helps.

    Yours sincerly

    Orlando Piff the orange.


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