How smart were our founding fathers to include freedom from religion also? Did they have a crystal ball to…?

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see into the future?

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Yeah they did. They were smart enough to know they couldn’t predict what would happen. That’s why they made the Constitution ammendable.




The looked into the past and (their) present. Many immigrants to north America were all too aware of the stagnation and oppression that occurs when the church and the state are one and the same. If you would like a more modern example of how well that combination works look at many of the countries in the middle east. That’s why the emphasis was on power coming from the people, not being handed down from God to the ruling class.


i don’t know about some of them..but Franklin and Jefferson were VERY INTELLIGENT…Jefferson invented the first swivel chair, he was an archaeologist, spoke several languages, and was a noted mathematician…
Franklin, as you know probably know was a great inventor and scientist…he discovered electricity, invented the dutch oven, bifocals, the odometer, and the lightening rod…..
they didn’t have a crystal ball which is why they made the constitution amendable…so it could change with the times…we’re the only country in the world that hasn’t had to throw out our Constitution..


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