• Buddha would say follow the 8-fold path contained within the 4 Noble Truths.

    Confucius is a totally different ball of wax. He was much more interested in the community and family. He would probably say be engaged in community projects and the like.

  • Well I am not sure about Confusious but it basically states that we should see the world as ONE and follow the GOLDEN RULE where others and slef are one.The Buddhists believe that DESIRE that satisfies the EGO is the root of all problems and that one should get used to PAIN because life is SUFFERING and if one accepted pain and didn’t run from it, they would enjoy their life more because they will not be a slave to their EGO which is an illusion according to eastern philosophy.

  • Buddhist and Confucians are as confused as you as to what the prophets actually meant, when the truth lies within yourself.

  • the one should live as per their internal happiness without harming others.
    Dont believe on other philisophy, make ur own

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