How should I tell my parents I'm psychic?

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I know I am.
I can see auras, and I think I can communicate with animals. I can communicate with my dog. And I might have seen someone who I believe to be deceased, but I will not reveal their identity for sake of safety/security reasons.
But I want to tell my parents, so I can maybe get a mentor. Just give me an answer not an insult.

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The Name's Girly J!

write them a letter describing everything. It’s a lot easier on paper than in person when it comes to this kinda thing.
Good luck!

Anthony B

Do this, Walk up to them and say “Everybody who is pyscic put their hand up”. When nobody else does you do, it also works when you wreck the car.

Ryan S

I don’t think you should necessarily tell them. Showing them would be a much better option. By showing them that you can do these things, they will believe you. It may be hard to procure proof but unless you do, they may have to seek professional help for you.

Dr. Bob

Before you tell your parents, you ought to get a second opinion. Because there is NO SUCH THING as being psychic.
Sorry to burst your bubble, but it just doesn’t exist. This is not intended as an insult, but you need to know about reality.
— Dr. Bob

Jonas HYPE â„¢ 0BAMA 08!

Show them this .


tell them about something only the two of them would know. it’d be hard to argue with.


Everyone is a psychic when there high.


They already know. Most often, psychic ability is hereditary.

Red Ginger

I used to think I was psychic because I saw all the same things you mentioned plus more. But I suggest you do a little more research from other sources, for you will probably find out, as I did, there are no such things as ghosts, but there are beings on a spiritual plane that want to mess with you, for there is a real battle going on. So wait a little longer before you tell your parents, unless they can help you with seeking the truth. Pray about it.


Just start by saying, ‘Oh my god, look at that aura!’ and your dad will think you are joking. Every time you make a exclamation like this, get more and more serious like. ‘I think my dog wants to pee.’ and you go after him. Then continue doing so, until you start to say ‘My psychic abilities tell me that aura is light orange.’ It’s a process that takes time, you need to get more and more serious every time. Soon, they will start believing you.


I have a sister who thought she was psychic. Turned out she was just psycho.


Give them the winning lottery numbers!


take your time, wait for a right moment

Erica D

Tell them by just coming clean when your watching TV or something. It sounds a bit weird coming from someone who’s psychic an hasn’t told their parents (me)…but trust me its a lot easier telling someone to do it. If you’re that sure then go for it but make sure you have enough evidence, otherwise you might be mistaken for psycho, not psychic =).


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